Today’s the Day!

Today’s the Day!

Good morning friends! I wasn’t planning on posting today, but we currently have a Beautycounter promotion that is just too good not to share. If you have been wanting to make the change to safer beauty products, today’s the day to start that transition! If you have been curious about switching to non-toxic beauty and skin care products that are safe for the health of you and your family, and you like free products, then keep reading to find out more…

Beautycounter Oil + Mascara

I’ve done a little research on all of Beautycounter’s current promotions and how to combine them to get the most bang for your buck! You have an opportunity today only to pick up $145 in free Beautycounter products, while also receiving $22.50 back in product credit for use on your next order.


How you ask? It’s simple – join Beautycounter’s Band of Beauty membership program and watch the perks and freebies come rolling in.

To break it down:

1) Join Beautycounter’s BOB program today or tomorrow and place an order of $150 or more to receive $145 in FREE gifts

You will receive a free:

Beautycounter Travel Bag
2) Travel Set with Pouch ($48 value) as a welcome gift for signing up as a BOB member
3) Lengthening Mascara ($29 value),
4) and a Balancing Face Oil ($68 value)

Plus, the $150 can include the $25 BOB membership fee, and you will get free shipping on the order, plus 15% product credit toward your next order, ($22.50 for a $150 purchase)!

You guys – this deal is absolutely amazing and I just had to share it with all of you! This is such a great way to start the transition of switching to safe products without breaking the bank! Whether you are interested in skin care or makeup, or a combination of both, I have created a few examples below of product combinations that could help you hit that $150 mark.

Beautycounter Skin Care

  1. Band of Beauty Membership
  2. Nourishing Eye Cream
  3. Nourishing Cream Cleanser
  4. Nourishing Cream Exfoliator
  5. Nourishing Night Cream


Beautycounter Skin Care

  1. Band of Beauty Membership
  2. Charcoal Cleansing Bar
  3. Nourishing Rosewater Mist
  4. Nourishing Night Cream
  5. Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Beautycounter Makeup

  1. Band of Beauty Membership
  2. Lip Sheer
  3. Color Pinch Cream Blusher
  4. Touchup Skin Concealer Pen
  5. Color Shade Eye Duo

Have questions or need help choosing product? Send me an email to or comment below with your email address and I’ll be in touch! Or, order directly using this link –>

Have a great Wednesday and happy shopping! 😊

A Preview of Fall Weather + Weekend Vibes

A Preview of Fall Weather + Weekend Vibes

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous! The humidity that has been so intense the last month finally took a little break as milder weather made an appearance. The temperature was in the 70’s and it gave a slight preview to the days ahead and I couldn’t help but feel excited. Like so many, fall is my very favorite season and last year I was a little out of commission from really getting to enjoy all the autumn months have to offer. This year though I am looking forward to sharing in Jack’s first fall, and you can bet we plan on going to as many pumpkin patches and fall events as we can.

This weekend was a busy one from start-to-finish. Saturday we went to the second birthday party of my cousin’s daughter. We headed up early so that we could eat at our favorite restaurant, Der Dutchmen, on the way! (Friends – if you are ever headed east toward Columbus, take a detour to Der Dutchmen! The pies and donuts, and the buffet of farm-fresh amish fare is worth it!!)

Before we headed out, Tim set-up Jack’s new big boy car seat, the Maxi Cosi 70. This car seat was not cheap, but it was the absolute comfiest, most plush seat we could find. The padding on this seat is like no other! Plus, we figure that he will be in it for awhile, so it’s worth the splurge.

Maxi Cosi 70 Black Toffee

P.S. – The car seat color we chose was called “Black Toffee.” I fell in love with the neutral striping on the padding!

The car ride was almost 2 1/2 hours, and Jack looked so comfy the entire time. He took a nap for awhile, and just seemed to be able to stretch out so much better. We should have changed him out of the infant carrier a long time ago, but he still met the size requirements so we kept pushing it off until we literally couldn’t put it off any longer. This car seat will hold him up to 70 pounds, so I have a feeling that he will be in this one for a long long time!

Before we left for the road trip though we had to take a mommy + Jack picture of course!

Mama + Jack

(My dress is the Roll Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress from the Gap and my bag is the BP. Faux Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag from Nordstrom. I ordered it during the Anniversary Sale and love it!!)

I shared this picture on Instagram and mentioned that Jack turned 11 months old last Wednesday and is growing like crazy! His favorite things to do during month 10 was to climb our stairs (with mommy and daddy spotting of course), splash in the tub with his bath toys, visit the library and pick out books with me, and have ‘man time’ with daddy! This is seriously such a fun age, but I’m not going to sugarcoat how bittersweet this time is for me. I catch myself going through his newborn pictures all the time and thinking how last year he was still in my belly and I had no idea when he would arrive. It’s so crazy how life can change in such a short amount of time!
Pregnancy Posts: Week 37

Thankfully, as special as last year was to me, this year is even more incredible. Watching Tim and Jack together is probably my favorite thing in the world. Jack certainly loves his daddy, and Tim has completely fallen head-over-heels with our son. He gets teary-eyed even talking about our future with Jack and in turn it makes my heart feel so full I think it will burst.
Tim and Jack

Other weekend happenings included lots of walks, loads of grocery shopping (we literally had no food in the house!), and I did quite a bit of website work from home. The school I work for is launching a new website this week and there was a lot to do to get ready for the big reveal. I am just so thankful though to have an employer that is flexible and allowed me to do a ton from home so that I could stay with Jack.

Jana, Jack and Tebow - Fitness

Coldstone Creamery

Tim and Jack

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Before I go, I just wanted to share the winner of the Buckeye Baby Beads Teething Necklace Giveaway! The winner is…


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.42.35 PM

Congratulations!! Send me an email to and I will get your Buckeye Baby Beads Teething Necklace sent to you!

Conversation Time.

  • What things are you looking forward to most this fall?
  • What did you do this past weekend?
Buckeye Baby Beads Giveaway!

Buckeye Baby Beads Giveaway!

Today I am teaming up with fellow #mompreneur Molly, who uses her talents to create Buckeye-themed teething necklaces for little ones. For all of you Ohio State fans out there who root for the scarlet and grey – this is one giveaway that you won’t want to miss!

Buckeye Baby Beads

After scouring Etsy for cute and unique baby shower gifts, I found the shop Buckeye Baby Beads and immediately fell in love! Two of my girlfriends who are having babies this year are huge Buckeye fans, so I knew these gifts would be right up their alley. The moms-to-be are sisters so I ordered one in grey, and one in scarlet to give as gifts. I am always looking to purchase from moms who are busy making a life while taking care of their little ones, so I knew ordering from Molly was a winning choice!

I realized after I ordered these teething necklaces as gifts that this would be something Jack would love too. I reached out to Molly about hosting a giveaway here on the blog, and she kindly sent Jack a Buckeye Teething Necklace of his own. With football season right around the corner and teething here to stay for quite awhile, we have been obsessed with the necklace and have put it to good use. In fact, I even wore it on the plane when Jack and I traveled home together from Myrtle Beach early August. It worked out well as a toy and to entertain him, plus it was hands-free so I didn’t have to worry about it falling to the floor.

Buckeye Baby BeadsThese teethers are stylish, chewable necklaces for mamas and safe for their teething babies! The necklace is soft on gums and provides entertainment and relief for teething babies, while the beads are made from food-grade silicone similar to pacifiers and nipples. They are completely free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and toxic materials.  The necklaces are also made with durable silk string and have a breakaway clasp, so they won’t break or hurt when your babe pulls on the necklace.

Molly has kindly offered to give away one Buckeye Teething Necklace to one of my readers!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me what your favorite baby shower gift to give is!

For more entries:

  1. Follow both Happy Wife Healthy Life and Buckeye Baby Beads on Instagram, and leave a comment on this post letting me know you did!
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Also, Buckeye Baby Beads would like to offer all of my readers a special deal! You can save 25% off your purchase of $20 or more with the promo code “GOBUCKS.” So head on over to Buckeye Baby Beads and take a look around!

The giveaway will end Sunday at midnight. Best of luck to all who enter – and Go Bucks!

Baby Jack - OSU Buckeyes

P.S. – Look how little my baby Jack was last football season! Oh my goodness my heart can’t handle all that sweetness!

Jack’s First Trip to the Beach

Jack’s First Trip to the Beach

I woke up this morning and realized that we are already to the mid-way point of August. I know I say this all the time, but how can that be?! In two days my Jack is going to be 11 months old, and this morning I mailed out his birthday party invites and I’m busy running around trying to get everything planned and ready to go for his big day. This has been the absolute fastest year of my life and it’s hard to believe that this time last year I was waiting for this boy to arrive. You never know how life will change my friends, so I encourage you today if you’re having a rough time – hang on, push through and keep moving forward. Your circumstances can change in a blink of an eye, and the tough times really do make us focus and appreciate those good ones even more.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Speaking of time flying, I realized over the weekend that I still haven’t shared pictures from our family vacation to North Myrtle Beach, and we’ve already been home almost two weeks! My family and I go to South Carolina every year on vacation and we camp in an RV right on the ocean. This year we had six adults, Jack and Tebow all in the camper so needless to say it was crowded…but fun!

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Jack and I ended up staying for twelve days and we all had so much fun relaxing and watching Jack experience the beach for the first time.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Seeing my son take in the beauty and the depth of the ocean, feeling sand between his toes and fingers for the first time, and watching the sea breeze blow through his fluffy blonde hair were some of the best moments of my life to date. Since we go to the beach every single year, sometimes I forget just how overwhelming it can really be. Every morning he would wake up with the sun, wanting to look out the window and see the beach and the sea gulls. He would wake up smiling, ready to seize the day whether that be a morning beach walk in his stroller, a trip to the pool to swim and play, or a day at the beach.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

I absolutely loved seeing the joy in his eyes and the fun he had exploring and trying new things. I swear that we literally watched him grow during the trip. He became so much more active, inquisitive, and mature as the trip lingered. He literally started to know his routine for each day and he loved playing with all the ‘levers’ in the baby pool, was obsessed with his new boat toy that would float as he would follow, and he even became accustomed to wearing his swim shirt and hat, and sunscreen every time we were out in the sun.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Beautycounter - Sunscreen

This trip was amazing, and one I will never forget. Of course there were times when he was too tired to fall asleep, when the sand was everywhere – even in his mouth, and when he became so attached to having someone around constantly that he didn’t want to be put down.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

These short moments of trial were tough, but I think the toughest part of all was knowing that these moments are also fleeting. I really tried to be okay with the sand, and the tears, and the lack of sleep, because deep down I know how fast this time will go. My little guy is already almost one year old, and if the next 20 years goes as fast as the first, then I best be soaking in every moment, trip, smile and giggle that I possibly can.

Jack - Myrtle Beach, SC - Vacation

Goals for the Next 90 Days

Goals for the Next 90 Days

I always have and always will be a planner. I just work so much better when I have goals in mind – anyone else?

I have struggled with staying on track and keeping organized since Jack. This is mostly due to the fact that (surprise!) babies don’t run on a schedule and the plan changes depending on your offspring. Go figure!

One way or another though, I am bound and determined to find that organized sense of self again and to keep learning to go with the flow when life becomes unstructured. You know the saying, ‘Fly by the seat of your pants?’ Well, I’ve never been very good at that! The good news though about growing up and getting older is that you learn that there is always time and room to improve. It is never too late to make a change or accomplish something new.

Today marks 90 days until my 28th birthday, and although usually I make resolutions to begin the day of my birthday or in the New Year, I’ve decided this time to switch my timeline around just a bit. I want to take these next 90 days to really take care of myself and grow as a wife, mother and person. I don’t want to wait another minute to start, and I think it would be amazing to begin a new year with my goals already met as opposed to facing the daunting task of making changes on that day.

So let’s talk a bit about said goals…

Goals for the Next 90 Days

  • Put Down the Phone and Step Away from the Computer!

I would like to limit my screen time and focus on getting more done during a ‘power hour’ of work, and to avoid getting wrapped up in mindlessly scrolling my social media feeds! After 9:00pm, my phone is being put away and I will do some things for myself after Jack goes to sleep, like read or paint my nails instead.

  • 10,000 Steps Each Day

This was a New Year’s goal that was slowly put on the wayside. There is truly no excuse to move throughout the day. When I pair this with walking / exercise, it should be an easy goal to hit.

  • Write Down My Schedule

I 100% do better when I have a schedule planned out for the day. I would like to take 10 minutes each night before bed to plan for the following day. What tasks do I need to accomplish, what activities do I have on the calendar, and what business goals can I knock out for the week.

  • More Fruits & Veggies, and Watch Portions!

The last few months I’ve sort of pushed my good eating habits to the wayside, and have noticed that I’ve felt sluggish due to the amount of carbs and sugar I’ve been eating. Plus, I’ve completely fallen back into the trap of loading my plate and not watching my portion sizes with the calorie-heavy items like sweets, nuts and white carbs. Not only would I like for my clothes to fit a little looser again, but mostly I would like to feel more energized and have less headaches and fatigue! I plan to loosely follow the 21 Day Fix eating plan again to try and get my serving sizes back under control.

  • Be a Better Wife and Mom

You guys, this is something hard for me to admit, but I have struggled a bit when it comes to my most important roles lately. I catch myself scrolling through my phone, or simply stating that I’m too busy to focus solely on the ones who matter most. I want to plan more date nights with my husband, whether that is a simple dinner at home with the television off and candles lit, or an evening walk where all we do is talk and hang out as a family, or even a fancy night out on the town baby-free once or twice a month. I also want to play, really play with Jack more. I think it is sometimes a cop out when I encourage individual play so that I can unload the dishwasher or fold some laundry. These household tasks need done, but sometimes they need to wait too. Certainly individual play is important and it’s something he should be happy doing, but I also need to recognize when he just wants his mama and 100% of her attention!

So there are my goals for the next 90 days! I hope to post updates here on the blog and to share a long the way in hopes that I can be held accountable. Changes are never easy, but I love setting challenges for myself and growing better as a person!

Conversation Time.

  • Are you a goal setter? What goals are you currently working to achieve?
  • Have any tips on staying scheduled / organized as a new mom?
  • Do you do better with a task list for the day?