My 5-Minute Face

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you’ve seen my posts on the 5-Minute Face, Beautycounter’s newest launch that includes a bundle of six makeup products for creating a quick, easy and everyday look.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face

The 5-Minute Face includes six safer, high-performance products. I like to refer to these products as are most basic makeup offerings. Ordering the 5-Minute Face bundle is a great way to begin the transition to safer products and ingredients by replacing what you may already have or what you’re close to finishing. The 5-Minute Face is also a cost saver at $148 (if you were to purchase all six products separately, it would cost $194). ** Updated 08/18, if you order through the end of the day Sunday August 20, you’ll also receive a free Retractable Foundation Brush for applying the foundation (a $35 value).

Here is my current version of the 5-Minute Face: Tint Skin in Linen, Concealer Pen in Fair, Eyebrow Pencil in Medium, Mascara in Lengthening, Blush Duo in Flamingo/Apricot, and Lip Gloss in Bare Shimmer.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face

Here’s how the 5-Minute Face works:

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Tint Skin, Concealer, Foundation Brush

Step 1: Choose Your Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Tint Skin is a liquid foundation that is lightweight and blends evenly (even better when applied with the Retractable Foundation Brush). There are eight shades to choose from, and if you need help color matching, let me know!

Step 2: Choose Your Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

Our concealer comes as a click-pen applicator that hides dark circles circles, blemishes and redness. Choose from five shades. PS – I love using Fair, which is our lightest concealer. It brightens everything up and I apply it as a highlighter as well.

Step 3: Choose Your Color Define Brow Pencil

Define your brows by using the comb to brush up and out, fill in any sparse spots with the pencil, and then blend again with the comb for a natural look. Choose Light, Medium or Dark. PS – I use Medium.

Step 4: Choose Your Mascara

Along with the 5-Minute Face, Beautycounter introduced two new mascaras on Tuesday. The Lengthening Mascara is our original mascara offering, reformulated to remove easier and stay-put all day. The Volumizing Mascara uses an hourglass shaped wand for creating dramatic lashes. Choose Lengthening or Volumizing.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

Step 5: Choose Your Powder Blush Duo

Add a little warmth to your look with a Blush Duo. Choose between Bloom/Tulip (our lightest pinks), Flamingo/Apricot (for a bolder pink), or Tawny/Whisper (a sort of peach blush/sun-kissed bronzer duo).

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

Step 6: Choose Your Lip Gloss

Finally, put the finishing touch on your look with a lip gloss! Right now my current favorites are Bare Shimmer and Peony, and if you are looking for a shade for fall, Fig is an obvious choice!

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

As you go through the steps and choose your shades, Beautycounter will automatically suggest shades and colors that would work well with your skin tone and the look you’re creating with the selections. I shared my own rendition of the 5-Minute Face yesterday morning on my personal Beautycounter Facebook Page. I had a doctor’s appointment late morning, so I decided to get ready with all of you! Feel free to head over and watch the video and like my page. I share a lot of tutorials, giveaways, health and wellness happenings and Beautycounter offerings / promotions.

If you have any questions on the products, feel free to email me at jana.antil@gmail.com, or leave a comment below. I would be happy to help you find the best selections for your own 5-Minute Face!

To learn more about Beautycounter’s Safety Mission, click here.

To learn more about Beautycounter’s Never List, click here.


My Honest Thoughts on Becoming a Mom of Two

When Tim and I first started talking about having another baby, we weren’t in a hurry. We felt like we were in a good place and finally getting a hang of the whole parenting thing. We also had put our house for sale right around Jack’s second birthday in September, so we didn’t want to be dealing with moving and all that while also preparing for baby number two. I even told my girlfriend early December that I wasn’t ready to be pregnant again and that I still felt I was healing emotionally and physically from the first go around.

Well, isn’t it funny when we make all these plans and have a vision for the perfect timing, only to have that plan immediately turned upside down? About two weeks after I talked to my girlfriend, and basically immediately we started ‘just trying’, I became pregnant with our second baby. It took Tim and I literally two years to get pregnant with Jack, so we just assumed it would take awhile to have another. God however had other plans and He made it clear to us both that this little girl is supposed to be a part of our family, and that He has huge plans for her purposeful life.

Knowing we would have two babies under the age of two (even if that’s just for a few weeks as Jack’s birthday is in September) has made me pretty emotional during the pregnancy. I wanted Jack to be about 2 1/2 or 3 before he had a sibling, so I’ve been nervous about adding a second when I feel like my first is still a baby himself!

My Honest Thoughts on Becoming a Mom of Two

Sometimes though I think the best plans are the ones that are completely removed from our hands. I’m not sure there’s ever a perfect time in life to change jobs, or move across the country, or have a baby, and if we wait for that perfect timing we may never do anything that feels scary or imperfect. So although we won’t have our house finished being built, and Jack won’t be potty-trained or ready to start a preschool class, I know we will be just fine and will navigate these waters together as a family. I remember feeling nervous before Jack was born as well, and now I can’t imagine life without him! I know my heart will continue to grow and that giving Jack a sibling – and seeing them grow up together – will be one of the greatest joys of my life. Will it come without challenges? Certainly not, but I am hopeful that we can create a family unit that is quick to forgive, slow to anger, and easy to love one another.

I think one of the initial challenges I’m most nervous about are the first few weeks while I recover from a c-section. I definitely won’t be able to play or be as active with Jack, and it breaks my heart since it feels like such a crucial time right after the introduction. I’m putting together a little gift bag to give him while I’m in the hospital, and I know my husband is planning on doing some fun ‘boy-only’ things with him, especially during the first month. H’s still just so little and won’t understand what’s wrong with mommy and who’s this new baby, so I just want him to feel as safe and loved as I can.

I know the transition from one kid to two will be a process, and my hope is to give myself time and grace to heal and adjust. I’m looking forward to our new normal and will try to focus on each good moment along the way.

For those of you who are moms of two or more, I would love to hear your thoughts on having multiple kids. How did you adjust? How did they adjust? Any tips for introducing your firstborn and navigating the newborn days with two kiddos?


Maternity Pictures Round Two

Well friends, the final countdown is on! We took these maternity pictures right at my 36 week mark, and I’m so glad we did.

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

This is actually the same time in pregnancy that we took our maternity pictures with Jack and it’s been fun to compare and see how my stomach has grown throughout each pregnancy.

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

It’s a nice reminder that although I feel huge right now, I won’t be for much longer!

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

My friend Sam is a mom of two, a varsity high school cheer coach, teacher, coach’s wife, and also runs her photography business, STM Photography, on the side.

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

If you’re a Dayton local and looking for a talented and affordable photographer, reach out to Sam!

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

She also took our fall pictures right around Jack’s first birthday, and she just keeps getting better and better at her craft!

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

We’ll still be taking newborn pictures after baby girl arrives – and using the same photographer as we did with Jack – but I’m so glad we took maternity pictures this time as well.

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

I definitely think I would have regretted not capturing this time, and I absolutely adore all the shots of sweet Jack too!

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

He was a pretty emotional little guy throughout the shoot – obviously his mom timed it just right at his bedtime – but I was amazed at how many good pictures there were of him smiling!

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

Also, how sweet is this one of he and Tim? It may just be my favorite picture ever! Love my boys so much, and I LOVE how proud Tim is to be our boy’s daddy!Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

Also, the dress I wore is from PinkBlush Maternity.

Maternity Pictures for Baby Number Two

I fell in love with the pleated skirt and the bow tied around my waist. I also liked how the dress fell at a good length, because sometimes maternity dresses can either be way too short or awkwardly long. I loved the color too and thought it was the perfect variation of pink to celebrate adding a girl to our family!