Skin Care for Maternity

During my first pregnancy, I struggled with cystic, under-the-skin acne. It made me really uncomfortable as I tried to cover up the spots as best as I could, but it was also really painful! Every pregnancy is different, but this time around I literally haven’t had a single pimple. The results with pregnancy number two could just be a difference in hormones, but I also like to think it has to do with my skin care routine. You all know that I’m a consultant for Beautycounter, but my opinions on the product are 100% honest. I LOVE the products, use them every day, and stand firmly behind the company’s mission for promoting safety regulations, transparency and only using the safest ingredients for your health. Plus, the products are incredible and high performing too. Because let’s face it, we want products to be safe, but they have to work too. This is why I share so much about the company – I just can’t say enough good things!

Beautycounter Maternity Skin Care Routine

Below I wanted to share just a few of my favorite products I’ve used throughout my pregnancy. Everyone’s skin is so different, and its all about trial-and-error for finding the routine that works best for you. I am sure postpartum I will need to once again re-evaluate my routine and make sure all these products still work for me as my hormones make another shift. (If you have any questions on choosing products – or are looking for a new routine during pregnancy or postpartum – feel free to reach out! I would be happy to help you get started and as always, we have an amazing 60 day return policy so you have nothing to lose while on your journey for switching to safer.)

Beautycounter Maternity Skin Care Routine

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm, Rejuvenating Night Cream, Rejuvenating Eye Cream

The Cleansing Balm is a splurge-worthy product, but one that will last for months and months. When I was pregnant with Jack, my breakouts were embarrassing, annoying and painful. Not to sound like a walking advertisement, but I’ve been so incredibly happy with my skin throughout this pregnancy and I think the Cleansing Balm has a lot to do with it. Usually I have more combination skin, but this time around I’ve been super dry. I put off buying the Balm for the longest time due to the cost, but now I could kick myself for not trying it soooner. It is probably my most favorite and most used Beautycounter product. I apply the Cleansing Balm as my cleanser, mask and moisturizer, and a little goes a long way. I then follow up with the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and Rejuvenating Night Cream – straight from my refrigerator – and it is the best night-time routine ever.

Beautycounter Brightening Collection

Beautycounter Brightening Collection and Concealer Pen

I can’t say enough things about this collection for brightening, toning and firming my skin. During pregnancy – especially during the first trimester – it can be really difficult to drink enough water and to eat right and exercise, which can in return cause your skin to lose that bright, dewy and rosy glow that so often comes with making healthier decisions. I use the Brightening treatment twice a week (interchanging with my Beautycounter Cleansing Balm routine shown above) for keeping my skin looking its best even when I am exhausted and eating more ice cream than usual. 🙂 I also rely on my Touchup Skin Concealer Pen for covering those late night insomnia sessions. Between struggling to get comfortable with a growing belly, and also still getting up a couple times a night to check on my toddler, a good concealer is a necessity. I use the color Fair because it brightens everything up! I apply it under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, between my eye brows and in the center of my chin. Basically I use it as a highlighter and concealer in one.

Beautycounter Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary

Beautycounter Body Oil in Citrus Rosemary

When I think about the ingredients in the oils, balms and moisturizers I would rub on my belly when pregnant with Jack, I am blown away by how my product decisions have changed! A lot of stretch marks can be hereditary and some women are just more prone than others, but I have to say that I have been so happy using Beautycounter’s Body Oil as my stretch-mark cream of choice. It smells amazing, acts as an incredible moisturizer, and feels Heavenly when applying straight out of the shower. I am sure to apply it all over my stomach, chest and legs. Basically anywhere that can stretch a bit while growing a baby!

Beautycounter Maternity Skin Care Routine


Girly Floral Print

PinkBlush Cross Front Maxi Dress

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with PinkBlush! I am currently an ambassador for the company, and I’ve been so happy with what I’ve chosen so far. The bow back dress is great for summer and I’m planning on wearing it to a wedding next month, and the kimono will transition perfectly from maternity to postpartum this fall.

PinkBlush Cross Front Maxi Dress

As much as I loved the two pieces I’ve already highlighted, the two items I just received are my favorite yet. I will share more about their wonderful Delivery Robes another day, but for now I wanted to talk about this pretty floral maxi dress that is one of the most comfortable pieces I’ve ever worn!

When I was deciding what dress I wanted to order, I kept coming back to this one. However, I was afraid the dress would be too baggy, and that the cross front detail would be too much, but I couldn’t get over how pretty the look could be. It is also a piece that is way out of my comfort zone – white, short sleeves, and printed – but I wanted to try something that wasn’t anything like what I already owned.

PinkBlush Cross Front Maxi Dress

I wore this dress for a day out shopping and going to dinner with my boys, and I was surprised how easily it could be worn for a special occasion, or more casually when paired with strappy flat sandals.

PinkBlush Cross Front Maxi Dress

This dress literally feels like pajamas. It is so soft and silky, and also is really light in material. It’s a great summer dress that although is a full maxi and short sleeves, it still is very breathable even in the summer heat.

PinkBlush Cross Front Maxi Dress

I love this dress so much that I am actually thinking of wearing it again for our maternity pictures! I just think the fit is spot on, it shows my bump in a flattering way, and the soft pink flowers are a nice girly touch. Now I am just have to decide how to dress Tim and Jack in a cohesive, yet not matchy-matchy way! Anyone else think that choosing outfits for family pictures is so tough?!


Home Building Series: Exterior Color Scheme

About a month ago we met with our designer to chat about exterior features. We chose the paint color, stone, siding, roof, gutter color, and garage. Overall we went in with a gray and white plan in mind, and for the most part picked what I expected we would.

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

Here is the exterior color scheme we have chosen. The first picture is straight from our Builder Trend site that tracks our selections, and the second picture was taken in person the day we chose our materials. (You can compare the two and see how the swatches vary between a computer design, and one in real life!)

Exterior Color Scheme

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

The Siding and Shake color will be Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, the Front Door will be Sherwin William Black Fox, the Front Entry Arch will be Sherwin Williams Black Walnut, the Garage is white, and the Trim will be Sherwin Williams Ivory Lace. The Stone is called Prestige Weather Ledge and it will be drystacked. This will also be the same stone on our fireplace, that will be stone on the bottom and shiplap on the top, surrounded by two built-ins. Our Roof  color is Virginia Slate and it’s sort of a soft black with gray specks throughout. It looked really pretty with the house color!

Home Building Series: Virginia Slate Roof

We took all the materials outside in the sun so that we could see the true color in the daylight. It’s amazing how different colors look in the light! At our last house we didn’t love our exterior color – it definitely turned out more peach than tan – so we wanted to make sure we stuck with cooler tones this time. We also didn’t want any green or yellow undertones to the gray and Dorian Gray hit the mark. It’s a lot lighter in person than it is in the sample above, and the ivory trim is a lot less creamy, and we think it’s a good balance between the bright white I crave and the grays Tim likes.

We also thought that we wanted a completely black roof, but when we put the sample up to our paint and stone choices, it was just too overwhelming. Our house is not huge, so a super dark roof seemed to take over the entire house. We wanted the roof to compliment the home, especially the beautiful entryway, and not be the main focal point.

The garage door will just be a standard style in white. We decided to keep it simple because the garage will be on the side of the house and you won’t be able to see it from the road. We chose to save a little money here, but probably would have splurged if the garage was a part of the home’s front view.

Finally, this is the front door we chose!

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

It will actually be painted in Sherwin Williams Black Fox, which will be very close to the arch’s stain on the exterior entryway. Purchasing a wood stained door was a lot more expensive, so we chose black fox for it’s black/brown/gray undertones. I think it will look really clean!

So that’s where we are so far! Our construction is running a few weeks behind due to securing information from the gas company and a lot of rain recently, but the digging began early last week! This week we will meet with our designer to chat all things interior design, including doors and trim, interior colors, flooring, door hardware and more. This should get interesting as there are a lot of options to think about! We have an overall design in our heads – a focus on traditional, a touch coastal, and craftsman – but realize that putting all the moving parts together can be challenging! I am excited to see our options though and will do my very best to stick to the budget. We have added a few extras already to the build (a quartz counter top in the kitchen, amazing appliances, and finishing the recreation area of the basement to name a few), so I will need to reign it in on some of these more detailed decisions!

The next post will focus on the kitchen design we chose and approved – including cabinets and counter tops, the layout, and the appliances.