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Yesterday I saw that Lindsay began hosting a Pin-It Party on her blog, so I decided that today I would get involved as well and participate in her link-up!

Pin It Party

When it comes to Pinterest, obviously the subject matter of the ‘pin’ must be important, but honestly the first thing that catches my eye is the picture.  For example, there are plenty of  chocolate brownie recipes swirling through the blogosphere, but what makes me pin one recipe over another is 9 times out of ten, the image.

Fudgey Chocolate Chunk Brownies


There are millions of recipes to choose from, but if the picture doesn’t make me want to rush to the kitchen immediately and make it, I probably won’t pin it.  Same when it comes to fashion and home decorating, if I am not drawn into the picture then I will simply just pass and move onto the next pin, no matter how good the post or idea may be.

As a blogger, I have realized how valuable pretty pictures are to gaining growth on the web.  I am learning as I go and believe my pictures have come a long way since I initially began blogging.

Here is an example of the first recipe that I ever shared on the web, Chicken Pot Pie! (It was posted on January 5th, 2012 – Over two years ago already!)

Chicken Pot Pie

And here one of my latest for Simple Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos.


See the difference?  Yes, my camera has been upgraded, but I am also learning how to use lighting and angles to my advantage, and am recognizing what catches readers’ eyes as well.  I have also studied and gained inspiration from bloggers whose images always draw me in such as How Sweet Eats, Dashing Dish, Making Thyme for Health, Eat Live Run, and Fit Foodie Finds.  These are the types of quality pictures I would like to produce one day, and I am hoping with time and practice, I will be well on my way!

From my experience, pictures and posts get more traffic from Pinterest if:

  • An image is clear and concise.
  • Lighting is utilized effectively.
  • Coordinating props are being used. (I am still working on learning how to utilize props in photographs.)
  • Pictures are large and vertical. (I barely ever pin horizontal images anymore.)
  • A description is used. (Perhaps the title of the recipe is embedded into the picture.)
  • Subject matter is concise and clear.

Those are just a few Pinterest tips I have picked up as both an administrator of my own account, as well as a utilizer of other’s pins.  Pinterest is a great way for blogs to reach out to new readers and to drive traffic to their posts… Plain and simple!  That is why I pin my own images, recipes and posts, as well as pin those from other bloggers as well, besides the obvious fact that I love finding inspiration for DIY projects to make, recipes to create, home decorating tips and remodeling ideas, and fashion style to recreate.

Here are five examples of my own pins that I find most ‘Pinterest-worthy’ (…and would absolutely love if you wanted to pin as well!!):

1) The Starter Green Smoothie: Berry Banana Green Smoothie


2) Savory Apple & Roasted Butternut Squash Soup


3)  Master Bath Remodel Reveal


4) Weekend Getaway Packing List


5) Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes


A big thank you to Lindsay for hosting the Pin-It Party Link-Up!  If you would like to find more images and posts to pin on your own Pinterest account, head on over to The Lean Green Bean and check out all the bloggers participating in the link-up!

Also, are you following me on Pinterest??  If not, you should be!  You can find my account here!!

Conversation Time.

  • When you are on Pinterest, what types of images seem to catch your eye the most?  What makes you pin an image/post?
  • What are your favorite subjects to pin – Home remodeling, home decorating, food, recipes, fashion, entertaining, fitness and health, etc.?
  • What are some of your favorite blogs to pin images from?






  1. Paula says:

    You are right the pictures really make a difference and create an interest in the topic. Isn’t the Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Tacos the recipe you made on the Living Dayton segment?

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Yep, that’s the one! Definitely one of the easiest, but most popular recipes I have shared! 🙂

  2. So I thought I’d come visit and see what you had posted for the Pin It party! Then I had to pin everything you posted because it all looks so amazing! 😀 I love reading your posts and learning from you!

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting Jessi! I checked out your blog as well and it is just too cute! 🙂 That is why I love participating in link-ups, you get to meet some new bloggers!

  3. i pinned those crockpot tacos. they look fab! thanks for participating!
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted…14 Bite-Sized Valentine’s Day DessertsMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Thanks so much Lindsay, and thanks for hosting the link-up too! What a great idea! 🙂

  4. Pinned t4he pancakes! I have been wanting to try to make something like this since fall!
    Sarah (Shh…Fit Happens) recently posted…Pin It Party 2My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      You are so sweet Sarah, thank you for pinning! The Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes is one of my very favorites! 🙂

  5. Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes pinned for the win! 🙂

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Your time and effort learning to take great pics has certainly paid off.

    I’m still learning and I cringe at some of my old pics. I have a new camera now, which is a huge help. I just have to learn to use it!!
    Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.A. recently posted…Honey-Glazed Pear & Feta CrostinisMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Whoo hoo! Thanks girl, those pancakes are one of my favorites! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the picture compliments! It is so easy to get wrapped up into so many beautiful pictures on other blogs that sometimes you need to pause and realize how much your own pictures have improved over time. I think we need to start a study group together on our new cameras lol. I wish I would have taken a digital photography class in college!

  6. Pinned the weekend getaway list…love it! 🙂
    Tara | Treble in the Kitchen recently posted…Five Things Friday 1.31.2014My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Yay! Thanks so much Tara! 🙂 I wrote that post when I was packing for my long weekend to Boston back in November!

  7. I love to pin healthy recipes. I only wish I actually made more of them!! I am working on it though…I also like to pin nanny ideas 🙂
    Kim recently posted…Discouraged but DeterminedMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      I used to never make many Pinterest recipes until I started meal planning! This way I do my research on Saturday’s and choose my meals, do my grocery shopping on Sunday’s and then try the Pinterest meals through the week! I actually makes at least 3 or 4 recipes from Pinterest each week! 🙂

  8. I’m smacking myself for not following you earlier on pinterest! gahh. so much goodness!

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