Pregnancy Posts: Weeks 10 & 11

If you notice in my menu bar at the top of the screen, I now have a whole section devoted to Pregnancy and my posts on this topic.  Feel free to check it out if you’ve missed any past posts! I will continue to add to the page anything new I publish relating to Pregnancy. 

Speaking of pregnancy, here is my recap from Weeks 10 & 11:

I forgot to do a week 10 post on its own (…which now works out great since I am trying to catch up to the present!), so today I am combining my thoughts and experiences of Week 10 and 11. It is hard for me to believe that we are already almost out of the first trimester! I am definitely not wishing time away, but I am not too incredibly sad to see the first trimester go either. Although I know it could have been a lot worse, it was still pretty tough with the nausea and fatigue, but thankfully I think I am almost out of the worst of it!

Week 10 was still pretty hard to get through, but by Week 11 almost on the dot I began to see signs of hope. I had nausea mostly before breakfast and in between breakfast and lunch, but it wasn’t anywhere as intense as weeks 7-10. I haven’t even needed any saltines or oyster crackers to get me through the day so I would say that is a success! (I literally don’t even want to look at saltines + oyster crackers anymore after relying on them so much during those beginning weeks!)

I have also started to notice the return of some of my favorite food groups, including fruits and vegetables, which have not been eaten since about Week 5. I’ve also had a little more energy, so I have tried to visit the gym a couple times during these weeks. Now I am just waiting on spring weather so I can take Tebow on a walk every day and use that as my main form of exercise. (I have been taking advantage of those sunny days when we get them, but unfortunately it is still Ohio in the spring time so rain undoubtedly takes up half the week. The days it rains I definitely feel myself being less motivated, but I try to save my one or two  gym days a week for when it rains.)

We have also been busy these weeks telling our family and friends the good news. I have a girls night planned mid-February when I plan on sharing the news with some of my closest girlfriends and I am really looking forward to that! It has been a blast so far celebrating with those we love, and it was so important for us to tell as many close friends/family as we could before making it public.

Food Cravings:

  • Soda! Okay, this craving is very strange to me as I haven’t really drank much pop in years and years, but all of a sudden soda sounds amazing. I especially love bottled craft sodas in flavors like grape or orange.
  • Icees – I guess this goes along with my whole soda craving, but I seriously could drink an Icee every second of the day. Tim and I went to Target at the start of Week 11 and literally I walked in the store and immediately headed to the food court for a large Cherry + Coke Icee and it was amazing!
  • Orange Juice
  • Deli Sandwiches (I have heard not to eat cold deli meat when pregnant, so I have made baked sandwiches at home instead – although now I have some fellow mamas-to-be telling me otherwise, so I am feeling open to interpretation?!) I went to Subway and ordered the chicken breast and had it heated twice (once on its own in the microwave and once toasted) and then topped it with as many veggies as I could get!

Subway Chicken Sandwich with all the veggies

  • Skittles + Starbursts (This craving is also strange since I have always been a chocolate girl who could skip fruit-flavored treats)
  • Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips
  • Pickles (Such a pregnant cliche!) and Pickled Baby Corns
  • Baked Potatoes with Butter, Sour Cream, Broccoli, Cheese and lots of salt and pepper
  • Steak

Food Aversions:

  • This really depends on the moment… Sometimes yogurt sounds awful, and the next minute it sounds delicious. Fruit is starting to make a comeback in a smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal, but the thought of sitting down and eating a piece of fruit still doesn’t sound that great. Peanut butter has started to sound a little better, which is great because I have really missed one of my favorite foods! (Finally, just now at week 18 I am starting to enjoy peanut butter again…) Unfortunately though, coffee hasn’t yet made its appearance, but I am hopeful in the next few weeks the sound of a hot cup of coffee will be much better. (…Week 18 and coffee is still MIA!)


  1. When I went to my first appt, the doctor’s first things she said to me were “You can eat lunch meat without heating it up. The chances you get sick are the chances of both of us winning the powerball at the same time.” This was great to hear as I was really craving the deli meat at that point! haha
    Heather @Fit n Cookies recently posted…The best surprise of them allMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      You know, I didn’t even think to ask my doctor about what he would recommend, I just ‘heard’ it wasn’t advised for pregnant women so I skipped it. There are seriously so many conflicting what to eat/what not to eat rules for pregnant women that it’s hard to keep track! I think it’s just so important to listen to your own instincts and if something doesn’t taste or look right, or feel right, to just skip it and move on. We can only do the best we can and that is something I have been trying to learn throughout this entire pregnancy process! 🙂

  2. karla says:

    I ate cold subway sandwiches at least 3 times a week all pregnancy! my ob assured me I had a greater chance of becoming a million than harming the baby with listeria. Ironically, I ate pounds (literally) of nectarines for months and then wegmans called me to notify me that my shoppers club card indicated I purchased a lot of nectarines that they believed were contaminated with listeria! But, they assured me that the fda makes them report all possible contamination and they didn’t believe anyone would get sick. So, it goes to show you can’t worry about everything. Trust God to take care of you and your baby! Too much worry is worse for you and tour babys health than the actual things that probably won’t actually happen. I know it’s hard but trust!

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      I agree – less worry and to each their own! I think it is important for you as the mother to listen to your gut instinct. If something looks off or doesn’t taste right, or you have a feeling in the pit of your stomach, just pass on it and order something else. There was recently a big peanut butter recall regarding listeria at a national grocery store, and that is something I wouldn’t think twice about eating or getting sick from. It is all a gamble, but all you can do is the best you can for you and your baby 🙂

  3. I have just heard that it could cause Listeria? But really, what are the odds of that even happening? Go on with your subways girl!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Easter in Texas: 2015My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      It is so crazy when you really think about all of the conflicting arguments about what to eat/what not to eat when pregnant. It can really make your head spin! One doctor’s advice differs from another, one magazine article differs from another, etc. Really the only thing you can do is trust your own gut as a mama-to-be! If not, I don’t think any of us would ever eat anything lol!

      PS – I am getting Subway for lunch today and I am looking forward to it!

  4. All of the rules on what you can and can not eat gets confusing, doesn’t it? I’m not a big lunch meat person to begin with, but I was craving an Italian sub during my first trimester, and I ate it cold. As long as it’s not an everyday thing, I think it’s fine! I was told that it’s more likely that you’d get sick from the bacteria that can live on raw vegetables, and no one will ever tell you not to eat those!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted…It’s a…My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Oh my goodness yes, it is so crazy! I agree, I think if we approach everything in moderation and remember that we can only do the best we can, then that is half the battle. You could drive yourself nuts with worries and anxieties about what to eat/what not to eat. In fact, I have caught myself even feeling guilty about the lotions and cosmetics products I use lately. I just try to remind myself that I am doing everything I can to protect my baby and that is all I can do while just praying about it all. 🙂

  5. Now I want Sun Chips!

    And I think you know my feelings regarding all the pregnancy “rules”. An occasional deli sandwich won’t kill ya – I just had one today!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…The Thing About “Healthy Living Blogs”…My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Ahh I know! Funny story – I had Subway today for lunch too and it was delicious! I still ordered my chicken because it sounds good, but eventually I am going to give into my ‘deli meat’ sandwich craving too. 😉

  6. I’ve been SO behind on blog reading (aka not reading at all) but AHHH congrats on the pregnancy love!!!
    Brittany recently posted…Why The Scale is An AssholeMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Ahh thank you so much girl! I know it is hard to keep up with all of our favorite blogs! You are doing big things though and have more of an excuse than me… So proud of all your awesome fitness accomplishments! 🙂

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