Pregnancy Posts: Week 13 and 14

These two weeks were pretty similar in terms of how I was feeling. Definitely still tired, but a lot less fatigued than the weeks before. I was also able to be much more active, but I truly think the warmer weather helped immensely. In fact, during the end of week 13, I went to the gym Friday, went on a walk Saturday, went on an hour-long walk Sunday, and then went on another walk Monday all because the sun was shining and the weather was warming up. Then Tuesday came along and it was rainy and gloomy and all I wanted to do was sleep, but then the sun came out again Wednesday and I went on another hour-long walk after work.

I actually don’t mind that my first trimester was spent during the gloomy and cold days of winter, because I probably would have wanted to go to bed and skip the gym anyways even if I wasn’t pregnant. It’s nice to be feeling better just as spring is beginning to make its appearance.

I am looking forward to the warmer days not only for exercise, but also in regards to fashion. I love spring fashion as much as anyone, but this year I am extra excited if it means more dresses and less pants, tights and leggings. I haven’t purchased any maternity pants yet, but have been using an extender on my non-maternity pants. However, everything still feels pretty tight and uncomfortable. I think I am going to like making dresses my go-to outfit for this spring and summer. (I have quite a few maternity clothes now (Week 19) that I bought used from a teacher in the district where I work. She had some really nice quality clothes that were also really cute, so I jumped at the chance to start building my maternity wardrobe.)

Food cravings:

  • Bread (preferably sourdough) with butter
  • Subway sandwiches
  • Pickles
  • Salt and vinegar potato chips dipped in sour cream (Don’t knock it ’til you try it!)
  • Bottled grape soda
  • All the root beer and root beer floats I can get my hands on!

Root Beer Float - Pregnancy Craving

Root Beer Floats

Teb likes them too!

  • Icees
  • Baked breaded tilapia from Trader Joe’s with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce (So random!!! I don’t usually even like much fish!)
  • Thick-sliced cucumbers with ranch dressing for dipping


Food aversions:

  • Coffee
  • Lattes
  • Oatmeal
  • Oat Bran
  • Peanut butter
  • Apples
  • Too much chocolate
  • Ice cream (unless it’s in a root beer float!!)
  • Think Thin Bar (I was starving and had one in my desk so I tried to eat it and immediately chose to toss it instead. It made me sick to my stomach! I guess I don’t want to ‘think thin’ during this pregnancy! )

I am looking forward to March 30, which is when we get to hear our baby’s heartbeat again! (We heard it and it was perfect!) That will put me just one day shy of 17 weeks, so a few weeks later we should be scheduled for the anatomy ultrasound scan when we will get to see all of our sweet baby’s features. I can’t wait!


  1. Can never go wrong with too many root beer floats 🙂
    Pam S @Nuts for Nutrition recently posted…Munich!My Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      I completely agree! It has been a few weeks since I’ve last had one, but publishing this post reminded me how good they are! 🙂

  2. Yay for feeling better and back to yourself. I agree with you regarding spring fashion, pregnant or not. Give me all the sundresses, skirts, flowy tops, etc!
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…Restful BusyMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Oh for sure! I am so pumped to wear skirts and dresses without needing tights and leggings underneath. Maxi skirts are definitely going to be my go-to wardrobe staple!

  3. I agree I am happy my first trimester was spent in the gloomy days of winter! I didn’t mind laying on the couch but I would have been very upset if I would have missed out on nice days! We have been having warmer weather and does my soul so good! I love getting out and enjoying it!
    Heather @Fit n Cookies recently posted…So I’m running a half marathon while pregnantMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Oh I am right there with you! The sunshine and warm weather literally makes everything better! I can’t tell you how many times I have been tired, but wanted to take a short walk. Tebow and I get started and 9 times out of 10 go further than we planned just because the weather is so nice!

  4. I agree with the first trimester being in winter!!! Thank goodness for snow days!!! Saved my butt several times!! And how funny that you were craving root beer floats, how random!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…So We’re Having a Baby + Weeks 6-8 ThoughtsMy Profile

  5. It’s so funny to see what people crave or dislike during pregnancy. I couldn’t drink coffee for the entire first trimester. I seriously went from drinking a pot/day to zero. It was the weirdest thing. Even when I could stomach it again, I had to add cream (when I typically would only prefer it black + strong.) The morning after I delivered my daughter, my husband brought me a big cup of hot, black coffee and I enjoyed every last sip. I also strayed from my daily bowl of oats and replaced it with Ezekiel Raisin Bread + cream cheese.

    PS – I haven’t been on your site in awhile. I just switched back over to Feedly! Congrats on your little one 🙂 A lot of the bloggers I follow are pregnant right now and, even though I have a five month old, all these adorable bellies are making me want to be pregnant again! Ha.
    Diane @ Life of Di. recently posted…A Long Weekend Getaway.My Profile

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