A Perfectly Imperfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day means so many different things to different people. I am so thankful to have the mother I do – the strongest, most selfless, strong woman of faith that I know.

Mother's Day 2016

My mom has two children who think the world of her, but I know the holiday truly is a bittersweet one for her as she misses her own mother so much. You see, my mom and my grandma were two peas-in-a-pod, much like my own mother and I are today. When I put myself in her shoes, I can only imagine how Mother’s Day for her must be just as painful as it is also sweet.

There are so many women who have lost their own mothers and grandmothers, and just as many women who long to be mothers or have tragically lost their own children. In all honesty, Mother’s Day can be incredibly tough on so many. It’s easy to lose sight of this in the midst of celebration, and although I may not be able to fully understand the loss of those around me hurting, I do realize just how grateful I should be to have both my mom and son to celebrate with. As excited as I was to be a mom on Mother’s Day, I am in no way unaware of what I have been given in life. Being a mom is the greatest gift I have ever received and I in no way take it for granted.

Mother's Day 2016

There are days when I literally ask God, “Why me Lord?” when it comes to my gift of being a mother. What did I ever do in life to deserve such a blessing! The truth is that I have done absolutely nothing, but God is unimaginably giving and mercifully forgiving. Although some days I truly don’t feel worthy enough to be a mom, it was nice on Mother’s Day to feel extra encouraged for all I (try!) to do as a mom. Friday night and Saturday were spent having girl time with my mom, filled with coffee chats, makeup and clothes shopping, hot tubbing, and a very sweet necklace from my mom to commemorate my first Mother’s Day. Sunday was an all day event with my boys. I started my morning with a latte, Mother’s Day cards from Tim and Jack, along with a thoughtful gift card to my favorite spa. I wanted a day filled with quality time, so I was excited when Tim said we were taking Jack to the zoo. The weather didn’t look great, but it was only calling for a 20% chance of rain so we chose to brave it anyways.

Mother's Day 2016

We saw the monkeys, gorillas, lions, polar bears, black bears and giraffes, and then the clouds opened and it started to pour the rain. As the animals took cover under the trees and bushes in their habitat, we too tried to seek shelter for our own family of three.

There was a time in my life when this experience would make me want to cry. This loss of control – loss of perfection – would be almost too much to handle. Motherhood has grown me though and taught that perfection truly is in the eye of the beholder. I could choose in that moment to believe it was either a glass half-full or half-empty kind of situation.

Literally all Tim and I could do though when we looked at each other was uncontrollably laugh. We quickly covered Jack’s stroller with our coats and his blankets so that not a single cold drop of rain would land on our baby, but here were his mama and daddy – soaked to the bone, freezing, and quickly moving as fast as we could through the zoo to take shelter. Tim kept apologizing for planning such an imperfect Mother’s Day trip, but I kept telling him not to be sorry. In my heart, everything was perfect. This day epitomized motherhood in all its crazy, unplanned, spur-of-the-moment, imperfect glory!

Mother's Day 2016

As a mom, I am so incredibly not perfect it is humorous. I mess up constantly – Every. Single. Day. but my heart, just like my husband’s with the zoo trip, is always in the right place. I want to be perfect for my son, but I know that isn’t possible. I make mistakes that I don’t care to admit, but if I can more often than not see a smile on my son’s face and hear his sweet giggles filled with pure joy, then I must be doing okay as a mother. I will never forget my first perfectly imperfect Mother’s Day, and everything that it taught me along the way. When I laid down for sleep that Sunday night, my heart felt so full and grateful for what I have and who I have in this life, and it is a lesson I won’t be forgetting any time soon.


  1. What a perfect post! Oh I love it, Jana. Sounds like such a marvelous weekend. I have honestly really begun to appreciate any time and have realized that things will never be perfect. Motherhood has taught me patience and that God gives us more than one chance all the time. I mess up every day, too. But Annabelle knows the love I have for her and none of the other stuff matters.
    heather @Fitncookies recently posted…24 Minute at Home High Intensity WorkoutMy Profile

  2. That sounds about right!! 🙂 What a sweet, sweet weekend, even through the rain! Motherhood is something I still can hardly fathom. I can’t even believe sometimes that I get to keep Adeline. That I made her. It’s just like no other feeling in the world.
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…My First Mother’s DayMy Profile

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