Jack’s One Year Update

Well guys, we’ve made it to the one year mark! My sweet Jack turned one year old on September 17, the same day as his big  first birthday bash!

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12 Months Update

Jack's 12 Months Update

Just as I had mentioned in the nine month update post, getting Jack to sit still for pictures has become even that much more difficult! My boy is constantly on the move and loves to play his little heart out.

Jack's 12 Months Update

I love when Jack wakes up in the morning and I can see how excited he is to have another day. His happy demeanor always reminds me how much we should appreciate each day and live our lives to the fullest. Wouldn’t you love to start your day with a smile on your face and with enthusiasm about all that’s to come? That. my friends, is the epitome of my joyful son!

Jack's 12 Months Update

Jack had his one year check up on Monday, September 19. He weighed 22 lbs. 13 oz. and was 28 1/4 inches long. My son absolutely loves to eat and is truly not picky, at least not yet. Every so often he will not want to eat a vegetable, but usually all it takes is for his daddy to take a bite and suddenly he wants to be just like his dad and eat what he eats. Imagine that!

Jack's 12 Months Update

He eats almost everything we do, which makes dinner prep exceptionally easy. A typical day in his diet looks like:

  • Meal 1- ground oatmeal or oat bran with peanut butter, cinnamon and banana
  • Meal 2 – scrambled egg with cheese and fruit
  • Meal 3 – whole wheat tortilla with hummus or diced chicken, and a side of veggies
  • (Sometimes) Meal 4 – cottage cheese or yogurt (I like to mix plain whole milk Greek yogurt with a little organic flavored yogurt)
  • Meal 5 – dinner! (usually whatever Tim or I are having, just mashed up a bit or cut into tiny bites)

Jack's 12 Months Update

Jack is also a big eater, so making sure he isn’t hungry is a full-time job! We have also now transitioned off of formula, but he still uses a bottle for his whole milk. We give him two cups over the course of the day, usually 4 oz. in the morning, 4 oz. in the afternoon, and then a big 8 oz. bottle near bed time. I spoke with my pediatrician about weaning him from the bottle, and I was told to work on it between 12-18 months. Jack hasn’t taken a pacifier in months and really doesn’t have another way to soothe him except the bottle. Also, when he is done with it he is done with it! He doesn’t really feel the need to drag it around or remain attached to it, so my pediatrician encouraged me that taking my time weaning him off of it is no big deal. He uses his cup to drink his water with a splash of juice, but right now we are still using the bottle for his milk that has been warmed. We will get there at some point, but right now I am in no rush! I still love those bottle-feed snuggles and will continue to soak them in for now!

Jack's 12 Months Update

As far as teeth go, Jack now has eight baby teeth – four on the bottom and four on the top. His gums have been pretty swollen for awhile though so I can imagine that more teeth will be popping through eventually.

Currently, Jack is going to sleep around 7-7:30 and waking up around 6-6:30. For a few months there he slept in our bed almost every single night. To each their own, but Tim and I just decided to go with the flow and let him sleep with us rather than battle getting him back down in the middle of the night. At some point in the past month, things just clicked for him and he has pretty much slept all night in his crib ever since. It’s amazing how sometimes if you don’t panic, babies are able to just work themselves out. I guess it took him a bit to feel comfortable being alone, but now he prefers to be in his crib so that he can stretch out and roll around to his heart’s content.

Jack's 12 Months Update

Jack also has quite a few baby friends who we like to meet up with for play dates, and he had a blast playing with his cousins at his birthday party! I wish I could have bottled up his giggles and belly laughs as he crawled around chasing them from one room to the next.

Jack's 12 Months Update

Through the week, Jack goes to our gym’s day care for an hour or so at a time to give he and I both a breather during the day. I put off going to the gym for a long time, but it feels good now to be back at it and to know that Jack is having fun playing at the same time. I also love how kind and attentive the staff members are in the day care and how they get excited to see Jack when we come in. I know it is good for him to be around other adults and other children, even if it is for short instances, but I have also been pleasantly surprised how well he plays with other babies and how well he adjusts to being around kids and wanting to play with them. I was a little nervous he wouldn’t be too interested, or would be nervous around others since he hasn’t been in a day care setting before, but he seemed to pick up socialization fast and gets excited to see his ‘friends.’

Jack's 12 Months Update

Jack Likes:

  • Going on Walks (Thank goodness he still loves this, because it’s definitely something I love too! Our walks together and exploring outside is so precious to me and is a great way for us to get fresh air during the day!)
  • Swinging at Grammie and Grampie’s House
  • Crawling, Climbing the Stairs (with supervision of course), Walking with Assistance
  • Opening Every Door / Cabinet that He Possibly Can!
  • Helping Mommy Cook by Pulling All the Kitchen Linens Out of the Drawers! 😉
  • Eating!
  • Traveling and Visiting Shops, Restaurants and Stores. He Loves Exploring New Areas and Places!
  • Singing Songs and Reading Silly Books
  • Playing with His Puzzles
  • Bathtime

Jack Dislikes:

  • Being Held if He Wants to Move!
  • Being Tired, but Wanting to Play at the Same Time.
  • Getting His Diaper Changed if He’s Not Being Distracted by Holding a Book!

Jack’s One Year Must Haves:

Jack's 12 Month Must-Haves

  1. Munchkin Miracle 360° 7oz Trainer Cup
  2. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Farm Hide & Seek Board
  3. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker
  4. Happy Baby Clearly Crafted Food Pouches
  5. B. Wheeee-ls Soft Cars – Set of 4
  6. Horizon Organic Whole Milk with DHA Omega-3
  7. Warmest Hooded Toggle Vest
  8. Stride Rite Soft Motion Kellen
  9. Mom’s Lil Guy Bodysuit
  10. Hooded Jumpsuit


  1. Ok, love that little boy so much!! I wish I could just like call you and talk about our babies. I have so much to say and ask hahaha. I can’t believe he has EIGHT teeth. Adeline still has a big fat ZERO. Bless her heart. She’s also only like 18 1/2 pounds, so I guess she’s going to be a peanut for now. I enjoyed reading what all you feed Jack – such great ideas! Adeline is obsessed with tortillas and peanut butter, which seems to simple but is amazingly messy! How was the transition off of formula? A. gets 3 formula bottles a day in between nursing in the AM and PM (although she’s starting to act like she doesn’t really want to nurse) so I need to ask our ped. next month how to drop formula. Did you drop it cold turkey? A’s also always been really sensitive to dairy, so I’m super jealous you can give jack yogurt and cheese so easily. I wonder if A could tolerate it now that she’s a bit bigger! Can you even believe Jack is past a year?? Like really. Didn’t you JUST tell me you were pregnant? Didn’t you JUST have him? Unreal. It’s just unreal. We are living in an imaginary world where time is going at super sonic speed!!!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Well Done, My Good and Faithful ServantMy Profile

    • I definitely think you could try A with yogurt (totally butting into this convo!) I was worried about Annabelle with no reflux medicine and they said babies grow out of sensitivities a lot of the time when they start moving and getting bigger. My thought is what does it really hurt, ya know? I think you’ll notice something right away if she still has it and then obviously stop giving it to her 🙂 Also with formula I’ve been mixing milk in with her formula in the bottles, RIght now we’re down to 1/3 formula and 2/3 milk. I also just stopped the afternoon bottle and am giving her a cup with milk at lunch and then a snack in the afternoon. And can I saw tortilla with peanut butter is genius!!! New snack right there haha
      Heather @Lunging Through Life recently posted…Cardio and Strength Circuit WorkoutMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Jack has so many teeth, it really is crazy! He got his first at four months and he literally hasn’t stopped teething since. Do you know anything about you or Adam’s history with teething as a baby? I know my husband got teeth really early so I am chalking it up to genetics lol. Jack likes anything with peanut butter – just like his mama lol! The transition off of formula was actually super easy. Jack loves his milk now and smiles like crazy when I get it out! He knows it is for him! We just kind of dropped it cold turkey and Jack barely seemed to notice. However, he also transitioned from breast milk to formula very easy as well.

      And YES! Life is flying by. I am trying to remind myself that it’s a GOOD thing that Jack is growing and learning and thriving, but I definitely have my moments where I miss those early days of newborn snuggles!

  2. So so precious! I agree with the bottle snuggles! It’s the only time in the day I get them, haha. I loved catching up on him this past year. Wish we lived closer and could have daily play dates! I need to work on getting A into the gym daycare and have her be ok with others. She definitely has stranger danger. My pediatrician said bottles done by 12 months but I like you’r 12-18. The night one is my the one I’m most afraid of. It is totally part of her nighttime routine and I think she’ll miss it. Definitely hoping it goes better than I think! Can’t wait to see what he continues to get into and grow to be!

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Heather, I was nervous about the gym day care too. The good news though is that a) it is for a short time and b) I am so close if he needs me! Also, the employees at my gym day care are amazing and so caring. I would start by meeting with the workers and getting to know them on a first name basis, and then slowly introduce Annabelle. Maybe 15 – 30 – 45 minutes at a time. That way you both feel comfortable. Also, Jack literally has ZERO stranger danger so I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing!!

  3. We’re still using bottles too. Amelia doesn’t even hold her own bottle yet, so we’re not ready to make that transition yet. Our doctor said we didn’t need to think about the transition until 18 months, though (or when she shows signs of being ready)!

    We love the Munchkin 360 cup too, that’s how she drinks her water!

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      The Munchkin 360 cup was the only sippy cup that Jack could drink out of. Now that he is used to that one, he does a much better job with the others too. The Munchkin 360 though is seriously the best training cup and prevents spills!

      I am glad that you guys are still on the bottle bandwagon too. That is literally the last thing really keeping him a baby, and as long as he still loves it, we aren’t going to worry about it for now. Maybe in a few months he will be more ready, but right now he still craves that comfort!


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