Pregnancy #2: Weeks 19-23

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Pregnancy Week 21

Weeks 19-24 brought with it a lot of exciting news for our family! As I shared in this post, we found out at our 20 week appointment (which took place close to the 21 week mark) that we are having a girl. It still doesn’t feel real even when I write the news out. I know everyone always says all they want is a healthy baby, but that is truly exactly how I felt! I am so in love with my baby boy that I figured two boys would only bring double the fun, joy and humor. With Jack I said from the very early days of pregnancy that I thought he was a boy, but this time I really didn’t have that gut feeling either way.

When we found out we were having a girl, I literally had tears start unexpectedly streaming down my cheeks. I really wasn’t expecting her to say that we were having a daughter, but the realness and surprise of the announcement caught me off guard. I now feel like I have 101 things to do, when before I felt pretty ready! Thankfully too everything looked perfect and healthy with both baby’s and mommy’s health, so it’s hard to ask much more than that. She weighed in roughly 13 oz. and her heart rate was 144. Our next step is to get our scheduled c-section on the books, and to pick a name!!

How have I been feeling? During these weeks I felt much more energized and more like myself. However, I have to admit that after I found out I was having a girl I went through a small period of feeling emotional and nervous. I feel so incredibly blessed, excited, and thankful to be having a girl, but I am also so unsure about it. I feel as if I’m a constant change in progress, and I want to be nothing but the most stable, rational and best example for my daughter that I can be. Of course I feel this way for Jack too, but I also know the impact a positive mother-daughter relationship can have on one another. I am looking forward to experiencing all of those wonderful firsts with my girl, while also being her support system (along with her daddy) when the days are hard.

At my 21 week checkup we heard the baby’s heartbeat again both in the ultrasound and with my physician the next day. I was up thirteen pounds this week, when at my 20 week appointment with Jack I was up ten. I am continuing to show and am now constantly wearing maternity clothes. Stretchy pants and dresses for the win!

I also have started to experience some back pain, which is different than with Jack. With him there was a lot more round ligament pain (which may still come this time too..), but it’s a new ache and pain that caught me a little off guard. I honestly think most of the back pain stems from picking Jack up all day long. Toting around a 30 pound toddler was not in the cards during pregnancy number one, so it’s definitely been a change this time. I am also starting to wear my belly band again for walking and workouts. The extra support really helps to take the weight off my lower belly and hips.

Fitness was still lacking during these weeks. I could blame it on the cold weather, but honestly I just still didn’t feel like I had the energy for workouts. I did manage to get 2-3 long walks in during the week, and I think I only made it to the gym and did weights twice throughout this time frame. With the move, my gym space has shifted and its been hard to get back into a routine. I am toying with doing modified 21 Day Fix workouts a couple times a week just to keep up that strength and endurance. The last thing I wanted to do though is exhaust myself because I know if I did I would be done for the rest of the day! When I did convince myself to get moving though, it felt so good to sweat and get my heart pumping again. Endorphins = good for the body and soul!


  • Fatigue (Less than the first trimester, but still present)
  • Nausea (Less than the first trimester, but still present at times)
  • Bloating (Continuing to to show and grow more now than I did with Jack at this point!)
  • Hungry all the time. Constantly needed to be snacking on something! This really helped my nausea and energy levels.

Food Cravings

  • Mexican food, Chipotle, Guacamole and Chips
  • Soup of all kinds – Broccoli Cheddar, White Bean and Ham, Cheesy Potato Soup
  • Cherry tomatoes with lots of sea salt and black pepper
  • Trader Joe’s Pink Lemonade with lots of ice
  • Potato Chips still have my heart
  • Deli Sandwiches
  • Big Salads with ranch dressing
  • Pasta with marinara

Food Aversions

  • Depends on the moment, but my aversions were getting less-and-less at this point.
  • Coffee, chocolate and peanut butter were still not my favorites, but they began making an appearance in my diet again.  I was finally able to have a few lattes so that made me very happy!


I am writing this post smack dab in the middle of the second trimester, and I’m already forgetting those early weeks of pregnancy! Although I still have more than 20 weeks to go, it feels as if this pregnancy is flying by. I am not sure if it’s because I’ve been busy with Jack, or if it’s also because everything this time doesn’t feel quite so new and scary. Maybe a combination of both? It’s nice to feel a little more settled and to know so much of what’s to come next. When I was in the thick of my worst days with nausea and fatigue, I tried to remind myself that those weeks are limited and that relief will come. I have also been feeling really sentimental about adding another little one to our family. I pray every night that Jack and the baby will love each other, look out for one another, and be buddies for life. Having a close-knit family is the most important thing in the world to me, and I pray for a smooth transition for Jack as he becomes a big brother. The good news with Jack also being little when the baby comes is that he won’t really comprehend or anticipate the change. He will literally never remember a time in life without his baby brother or sister.

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  1. You are adorable, friend! I do think the back pain is from picking up Jack. Oddly enough, I felt worse during weeks 20-30ish (can’t remember for sure!) than I did in the 3rd trimester. Right now I’m in the rough end weeks with my rib cage not expanding as much as I need it too, ha, but almost there! I’m glad things have subsided like nausea but hopefully they can go away totally! I’ve also never tried Trader Joes lemonade but you better believe I’m going to soon!
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    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      It’s funny you said that, because I actually felt the best from about about 30-40+ weeks and the worst during the first trimester and weeks 26-30. It’s like once I hit a certain size my body just goes with lol!

      The Trader Joe’s Lemonade is a light Pink Lemonade. So, so good! I mix it with soda water!

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