Home Building Series: Exterior Color Scheme

About a month ago we met with our designer to chat about exterior features. We chose the paint color, stone, siding, roof, gutter color, and garage. Overall we went in with a gray and white plan in mind, and for the most part picked what I expected we would.

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

Here is the exterior color scheme we have chosen. The first picture is straight from our Builder Trend site that tracks our selections, and the second picture was taken in person the day we chose our materials. (You can compare the two and see how the swatches vary between a computer design, and one in real life!)

Exterior Color Scheme

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

The Siding and Shake color will be Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, the Front Door will be Sherwin William Black Fox, the Front Entry Arch will be Sherwin Williams Black Walnut, the Garage is white, and the Trim will be Sherwin Williams Ivory Lace. The Stone is called Prestige Weather Ledge and it will be drystacked. This will also be the same stone on our fireplace, that will be stone on the bottom and shiplap on the top, surrounded by two built-ins. Our Roof  color is Virginia Slate and it’s sort of a soft black with gray specks throughout. It looked really pretty with the house color!

Home Building Series: Virginia Slate Roof

We took all the materials outside in the sun so that we could see the true color in the daylight. It’s amazing how different colors look in the light! At our last house we didn’t love our exterior color – it definitely turned out more peach than tan – so we wanted to make sure we stuck with cooler tones this time. We also didn’t want any green or yellow undertones to the gray and Dorian Gray hit the mark. It’s a lot lighter in person than it is in the sample above, and the ivory trim is a lot less creamy, and we think it’s a good balance between the bright white I crave and the grays Tim likes.

We also thought that we wanted a completely black roof, but when we put the sample up to our paint and stone choices, it was just too overwhelming. Our house is not huge, so a super dark roof seemed to take over the entire house. We wanted the roof to compliment the home, especially the beautiful entryway, and not be the main focal point.

The garage door will just be a standard style in white. We decided to keep it simple because the garage will be on the side of the house and you won’t be able to see it from the road. We chose to save a little money here, but probably would have splurged if the garage was a part of the home’s front view.

Finally, this is the front door we chose!

Home Building Series: Exterior Plan Front Door

It will actually be painted in Sherwin Williams Black Fox, which will be very close to the arch’s stain on the exterior entryway. Purchasing a wood stained door was a lot more expensive, so we chose black fox for it’s black/brown/gray undertones. I think it will look really clean!

So that’s where we are so far! Our construction is running a few weeks behind due to securing information from the gas company and a lot of rain recently, but the digging began early last week! This week we will meet with our designer to chat all things interior design, including doors and trim, interior colors, flooring, door hardware and more. This should get interesting as there are a lot of options to think about! We have an overall design in our heads – a focus on traditional, a touch coastal, and craftsman – but realize that putting all the moving parts together can be challenging! I am excited to see our options though and will do my very best to stick to the budget. We have added a few extras already to the build (a quartz counter top in the kitchen, amazing appliances, and finishing the recreation area of the basement to name a few), so I will need to reign it in on some of these more detailed decisions!

The next post will focus on the kitchen design we chose and approved – including cabinets and counter tops, the layout, and the appliances.


  1. Lora lee frazier says:

    Is there a link or website for the door? We are interested in a similar door and real wood isn’t an option. Thanks

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Hi Lora,

      I just logged into our builder’s site and I do not see a link. The only thing I could find is that it’s a 6 Lite/2 Panel Smooth Fiberglass door. I am not sure if that helps at all, but if I find out the brand, I will be sure to let you know!

  2. So fun! Picking out house ANYTHING is exciting, but also a little nerve wracking! There are so many options for everything! I love how it’s looking so far!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Adeline: 21ish Month UpdateMy Profile

    • HappyWifeHealthyLife says:

      Yes – so fun for sure! Today was intense though because we picked out so many of our interior design pieces. Lots of choices – some easy and some not so much. The master bath tile options were hard to pick and choose from!

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