Pregnancy Products I Can’t Live Without

While I don’t consider myself an expert on all things maternity, I feel as if I now have enough experience to at least share my thoughts on what’s worked for me. After two pregnancies or roughly 20 months of carrying a child, I have found a few items that have made the time while expecting just a little easier.

I would also say that for the most part, I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to my pregnancy purchases. I don’t need a ton of extras and I know what I like and stick with it. In fact, a lot of the things I buy easily transition into the postpartum days as well.

These are all products that I have purchased and used on the regular, so I feel more than confident recommending them to all you other pregnant and postpartum moms!

Full Busted Seamless Nursing Bra

Full Busted Seamless Nursing Bra

I actually own this bra in nude, black, grey and whisper pink. It is the most comfortable nursing bra ever, and it’s priced right at just $24.98. I had these bras while pregnant and nursing Jack and wore them constantly. I tossed them when I was done because they were worn like crazy, and then I just picked up some new ones this time around. I wear these during both pregnancy and postpartum.

Medela® Women’s Slimming Nursing Cami with Removable Pads

This is hands-down my favorite tank for both pregnancy and postpartum / nursing. I love the tightness of the tank and how it holds everything in and creates such a flattering shape. Some people like looser items while pregnant or postpartum, but I love the feeling of really tight material on my stomach before and after delivery. It feels so nice to me! I have this tank in white, but think I need the black version too.

True Lemon

During the first trimester especially, I struggle to drink enough water. And being in the third trimester during the summer, you need to hydrate even more. I love these drink mix packets from True Lemon. My favorite flavors are the Original Lemonade, the True Lime Watermelon Limeade, and the Raspberry Lemonade. I usually mix one packet with about 24 oz of ice water.

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

The mini Snoogle is my all-time favorite pillow for sleeping while pregnant. I found this baby when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Jack, and I started using it with pregnancy number two around the 12 weeks mark. I use the mini since I’m petite and it works just fine. It also doesn’t take up quite as much bed room as the full-size version would, so that’s a bonus. I take this pillow with me everywhere when I’m pregnant, even when I travel.

Ansley Water Resistant Slipper UGG®

Are these a splurge? Absolutely, but one that is absolutely worth it. When your back is hurting and your feet are aching at the end of the day from the extra weight you’re carrying around, you will be more than happy to slip on something comfy and that will fit from the first trimester through delivery day. I am on my fourth pair of Ugg slippers and I couldn’t love them more! They are truly the most comfortable slippers ever and are worth every penny.

Under Belly French Terry Maternity Shorts in Black and Relaxed Fit Maternity Sleep Shorts in Black

Speaking of summer and being hot, these two pairs of shorts have been a lifesaver for me. Although the second pair are called ‘sleep shorts’ I actually wear them to lounge in and even out with a tank top and ball cap. They are just so comfortable and light. The Terry Shorts have a little bit more shape to them and hold up better, so they work best for walks and running around.

PinkBlush Maternity Delivery Robes

PinkBlush Maternity Delivery Robes

I just received my first Maternity Robe from PinkBlush last week and I. am. in. love! This robe is so incredibly soft, the lace detailing on the hemline and sleeves is so feminine and girly, and the width is plenty large enough to wrap around my growing belly. The material is also really thin and will make for a great post-delivery robe as well. I know a lot of people say not to bring nice pieces to the hospital after delivery, but I brought a new robe and nightgown with me for post-delivery with Jack and it was so nice to put on after getting a shower. I felt so much more comfortable and like myself, because obviously no one wants to lay around in a hospital gown for a few days. So for me, I think everyone needs to make their own decision and mine is to always go with what’s comfortable.

Secret Fit Belly Ruched Maternity Leggings

These leggings aren’t made of the thickest material, but they are super comfy and have a high, over-the-belly waistband to boot. The ruching detail on the ankle is cute and again, the price is totally reasonable. They are great for lounging and pairing with tunics, and I plan to wear them postpartum as well.


  1. Thank you so much Jana, this list was so helpful especially knowing how stressful and difficult pregnancy can be. Keep up the good work girl! 🙂

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