Hello, hello! I have quite a few blog posts I’ve been meaning to write and share, but I don’t want to do so until I have great photography to go along with my writing. Ahh friends, this is simply the season of life we are in right now. I definitely start at the most important duties of the day, and then work my way down from there. Unfortunately, blogging is much lower on the list than it used to be, as expected with two babies. Some days I wonder when the fog will lift and the sleepless nights will fade, but other days I never want them to because I will look back and miss these days. The struggle of motherhood is real – being pulled in all directions at once. But it is also so sweet during the moments when Jack reaches for my hand to come play with him, or when Savannah cuddles up on my chest for a cozy sleep. What a beautiful, memorable, exhausting time of life. Thank you all for bearing with me and continuing to read my little corner of the internet!

I thought today I would simply share a few happenings from lately. Things I’ve been loving, things I’ve been doing, and things that have simply been on my mind. Enjoy!

Mom Wardrobe

Fashion - Mom Wardrobe

After declaring September the month of the robe, I really wanted to up my mom wardrobe game a bit! You guys. Old Navy has been killing it this season! I bought a ton of items for myself, and quite a few for Savannah too for around $250. (I think I got four pairs of shoes and about 20 items for that price. Pretty darn good!!) Some of my favorite items I purchased include this blazer, these booties, and this dress. I also loved this dress and these shoes for Savannah!

Six Year Anniversary

Six Year Anniversary

On October 8, Tim and I celebrated six years of marriage! We had about a two hour window between Savannah’s feeds to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to dinner, drank wine, ate delicious food, and talked about how far we’ve come as a couple, and where we would like to go in the future. As parents, especially to littles, it’s hard to remember to put your marriage first and we are certainly no exception. We have to continue to work at our marriage every day, because we want it to be a strong, positive example of what love is for our kids. And, when we are empty nesters someday, we want to still know and love each other fully.

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

Every fall I back a huge batch of delicious pumpkin cookies. I’ve been meaning to since the first of October, but I finally got around
to doing so over the weekend. These. Are. So. Good. Seriously, they are my favorite pumpkin recipe ever. I use THIS RECIPE and it’s amazing! The trick is to not over bake them and to be sure to have a place to send a lot of the cookies. I think the batter makes around four dozen and you do not want to be home with four dozen of these alone! Well, maybe you do, but I think the sugar rush you would experience won’t be so pleasant. 🙂 I was sure to freeze some for Thanksgiving, and to send a couple dozen to my mom’s office and a couple dozen to my husband’s office. This way you can get a few bonus points for the ones you love, and still have a few to enjoy later and for yourself. #winning



This past weekend was absolutely amazing for me professionally. Beautycounter ran a BOGO offer and the sales were so crazy that the website crashed multiple times throughout the promo! There’s a possible promotion on the horizon (… one that I’m not even yet comfortable saying out loud!) and I’m looking forward to finishing the month strong. October has already become my best month with Beautycounter. Ever. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to post and share about Beautycounter here on my blog, and even if it isn’t your thing, thank you for all the support of my business! Beautycounter and its income allows me to continue posting and writing and blogging, and I feel so grateful for all of you who continue along this journey with me.

To say THANK YOU, I have a ton of promotions going on right now! First, anyone who makes a purchase this month is entered into my October Mystery Hostess Social (We have five free and five 50% off products off for grabs – and I’ve started a second social since we hit the maximum earned rewards! This way two people will walk away with winnings!) Second, any purchase of $100 or more during the months of October and November will be entered to win one of the new Holiday Collection sets.

Beautycounter Holiday Collection 2017

Finally, from now until the end of October, anyone who signs up for a Band of Beauty membership AND spends $50 at time of sign up will receive a free $68 Brightening Face Oil (Corporate’s current BOB incentive) PLUS a free Lip Gloss from our Holiday Collection from me! Band of Beauty is Beautycounter’s membership program that provides free shipping for orders over $100 and 15% back in product credit with every purchase. Have questions on Band of Beauty or any of the other promotions? Comment below or email me at jana.antil@gmail.com . I would be happy to help you find the skincare routine that fits your needs.

Savannah’s Bows

Savannah's Bows

I had quite a few bows for Savannah before she was born, but then I realized that none fit a newborn! I immediately set out to pick up some classic, well fitting bows for her little head. I purchased a set of three simple bows from Lottie Lemon Shop and absolutely love them! The quality is wonderful, and the fit is perfect. The band does not dig into her head at all, yet it doesn’t fall off. I figure as she gets older and has more hair, I will simply remove the bow from the band and add a clip instead. On Instagram, I actually just won a $20 shop credit to Simply Sweet Bows that I am excited to use, and my friend Christina’s shop, Addie & Jax, has precious bows as well. She is based out of Columbus for all of you Ohioans who would like to support a local!

House Update

Home Building: Exterior

We are still trucking along over at our new home! The cement board is up on the exterior and will be painted Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray within the next couple weeks. Stone will run along the bottom of the house (where the white wall sheathing is), and there will be a Gable Bracket (an entrance arch) at the top of the front porch stained in SW Black Walnut, and the front door will be painted SW Black Fox. I’m so excited to see it looking more and more like a home! Also, I’ve been trying to use/understand all the home building terms I’ve heard throughout construction. I’ve certainly learned a lot in the process. So much goes on behind the scenes with building a home!! I will be adding to our Home Building Series soon here on the blog with a lighting / electric post, and a tour of construction!

Mom Life


These two sweeties are a dream. They make me want to be better – a better wife and mother, a better woman and friend, and a better role model for my babies. This season of life is so incredibly hard, I won’t deny the difficulty, but it’s also very rewarding and precious. I have a few weeks left of maternity leave until I go back to work part-time. Today I’m feeling so grateful for my kiddos and all the ways they have changed my heart for the better.


  1. Oh yay! You won Simply Sweet’s giveaway! Congrats! They are the BEST, and the woman who makes them and her daughter are so, so wonderful! Such a great roundup, what a fun season of life you’re in right now!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Sunday Funday: 2nd Birthday StyleMy Profile

  2. You seem so happy and have such an amazing perspective on this season of life. I’m so happy for you, Mama!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…My Full Life: Mom, Real Estate Director and Food BloggerMy Profile

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