Beautycounter {Safer Beauty}

Jana Antil - Happy Wife Healthy Life Blogger and Beautycounter Consultant

Like many others, I spent years applying skin care and makeup products with reckless abandon. Never once did I look at the product ingredients. Not a single time did I question what I was putting onto my skin. I didn’t even think about what I was absorbing into my body.

Our skin is the largest organ we have. Did you know that ingredients in what we apply are absorbed through our pores, and quickly enter our blood stream? Up until a couple years ago, the thought never even crossed my mind. When I had my son though, I began seeing articles pop up about the lack of safety and regulations within the beauty and cosmetic industry. I assumed that if a product was sold in a store, then it had to be regulated and safe for our health.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always (or even usually) the case.

In February 2016, I fell in love with Beautycounter’s products and its mission to get safer products into the hands of consumers, and quickly joined the company as a Consultant. Over the past two years, I have educated myself on safety and product ingredients, and really have taken a stand for better beauty. I want safer products for myself, for my family, for you. I will continue to share the message with others, while using my own purchases to ‘vote’ for change through dollars.

Based out of Santa Monica, CA, Beautycounter is a safer beauty brand that originated in 2013. The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938, but Beautycounter bans more than 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients from its products. All this while ensuring our products high-performing and as indulgent as any other luxe beauty brand on the market. Beautycounter offers skin care and beauty lines, as well as kids and baby collections.

As a Senior Manager at Beautycounter, my job is to help personalize your shopping experience. I want to help educate and tailor your product selection to fit you and your needs. Ready to learn more? Click here to shop Beautycounter. Want to join me as a Consultant in doing important work? Learn more about the Opportunity here.