Food, Body Image & Exercise During Pregnancy No. 2

Hello, hello! I’ve been a little MIA this week as one of my many part-time jobs – I not only write this blog, do freelance writing work, and am a Beautycounter consultant, but I also work in PR for a large school district – has needed my extra attention as we wrap up the end of another school year. The next few weeks should be busy, but if I can make it to June everything should be a bit smoother sailing!

Next week I’ll be sharing a pregnancy update post for weeks 19-23, but today I thought I would talk about a topic that’s been on my mind since finding out I was expecting again: Food, Body Image & Exercise During Pregnancy No. 2.

Pregnancy 101: Baby #2

Does this topic make me feel a little shallow and uneasy to discuss? Absolutely. However, I think if I didn’t mention it I would be avoiding a discussion that so many women can relate to and worry about. I honestly cringe writing about this because I don’t want it to take away from my blessing of expecting again. I think it’s fair though to be both over-the-moon thankful to be pregnant, while still having moments when watching your body change is a struggle, yes?

To begin, I do have to admit that gaining weight has been a little easier the second time around. When I was pregnant with Jack, I felt nervous in the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to get the extra weight off. I also second-guessed myself about whether I was gaining too much or gaining too little. Was I eating too much, or not enough? However, as the weeks went on, I started to embrace my pregnancy body and let go of so many body insecurities that I had before.

Pregnancy Posts: 34 Weeks

34 Weeks Pregnant with Jack at the Beach!

After I had my perfectly healthy 7 lb. 14 oz. baby boy though, the weight started to quickly fall off and I realized that my body knew what to do if I let it. So many of those pounds I worried about were bloating and essential fluids, and of course that eight pound baby. I learned a very valuable lesson that is I eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, indulge on occasion, stay moving, and get enough sleep, my body knows exactly what to do… Go figure!

And you know what else? Besides  having a modest weight gain, the biggest takeaway was how good I felt even at the end of pregnancy. I was still walking every day, had very little body aches and pains, slept well, and truly felt better at 40+ weeks than I had at 20.

Pregnancy Posts: Week 40

40 Weeks Pregnant with Jack!

Read more about my Post-Baby Body here.

When I found out I was pregnant this time around, I felt confident that if I followed a similar routine to before then I could once again have a healthy pregnancy. However, no two pregnancies are the same, and no two experiences (even with the same mama!) rae the same. I was much more nauseous during the first trimester and also had to deal with vomiting. I also had a busy toddler who didn’t allow for me to nap whenever I wanted like I did while pregnant with him. I also wasn’t guaranteed a full night’s sleep without interruptions, or the ability to kick my feet up after a long day.

Although I didn’t exercise a ton during the first trimester while pregnant with Jack either, I picked it up as the second trimester began. During this time with pregnancy number two though we were in the midst of a move and I didn’t carve out the time to fit in those extra sweat sessions. We also moved away from our home gym where I felt comfortable taking Jack to the daycare, and I didn’t transition to morning or night workouts when Tim would be home and I could go. Oh, and all of those treats I had during those early weeks were just so yummy and easy, that it became a routine that carried over even once the nausea was at bay.

Coldstone Ice Cream - Cake Batter + Oreos

Even with all the adjustments to my routine, I’ve gained about the same amount of weight so far as I had with the first. Although I definitely showed quicker this time – and people were very quick to point this out to me, which didn’t help with my already mounting insecurities – my body still knew what to do.

Pregnancy #2 Posts: Weeks 13-18

Week 17 Pregnancy with Baby #2!
Pregnancy: Weeks 17, 18 & 19

Week 17 Pregnancy with Jack!

However, I’ve definitely felt a little more sluggish during pregnancy number two, and I think a combination of a little more exercise and a lot more rest would really do my mind and body good. It turns out that you can be lying down, but if you’re on your phone or your mind’s going a mile a minute thinking about a to-do list, it’s not really rest.

I can choose to look at my current circumstance in two ways:

a) Either I only have fifteen weeks left of pregnancy so I could keep doing what I’m doing and just get through it…

b) Or, I still have fifteen weeks left of pregnancy and I want to spend those days being the healthiest that I can.

I definitely think ‘a’ would be the easiest option, but I realize that fifteen weeks is a long time and can make a world of difference if I use it in the right way. Plus, it’s  much easier to bounce back after baby if you stay healthy during pregnancy. I figure that with all my mastitis issues the first time around, I will most likely need every bit of a healthy immune system + strong body to fuel myself and my little one.

I do best when I set goals for myself out loud, so I thought I would share mine with all of you to hold myself accountable:


  • Three Days of Walking Each Week (Currently I am doing about two days of 1 to 1 1/2 hour walks)
  • Two Days of modified 21 Day Fix strength workouts (Currently I am doing no strength training)
  • One Day of 30 minutes to 1 hour of Yoga (Currently I am doing no yoga or stretching… !)


  • Focus on having a fruit and / or vegetable with every meal
  • Watch portion sizes


  • 8-9 hours of sleep each night (on average)
  • Read for 15 minutes to 30 minutes before bed
  • Less mindless screen time (Focus on getting work done while logged in, not mindlessly scrolling)
  • Take more time to pamper myself, even if that’s just taking a warm bath, painting my nails, using my heated neck wrap, or doing a facial mask


  • Work on being truly present with my little family!

Most of all I just want to be the healthiest version of myself and for my baby girl. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on both our bodies physically and our minds emotionally, and I think it’s so important to recognize when you’re traveling down a slippery slope, and to make any needed adjustments as quickly as possible. For me, being honest with myself and sharing my current state with all of you allows me the opportunity to learn from mistakes and to hopefully let anyone who has felt this way (pregnant or not) know they are not alone! And the best thing about pregnancy? The end result that will melt your heart!

Jack Newborn Pictures

Conversation time.

  • If you’ve been pregnant before, do you remember having any fears or doubts when it came to weight gain or body image? What were the healthiest habits you took with you into pregnancy, or which were the ones most difficult to keep with?
  • If you haven’t ever been pregnant, what are your biggest fears with expecting someday?

FriYAY Week 13

This month I have a lot of great events to look forward to! We are planning on taking a little weekend trip over Mother’s Day, will be busy meeting with our builder and designer to finally start making some of the ‘fluffier’ design choices for our home, will be attending a friend’s wedding on May 20, Memorial Day weekend, and celebrating Tim’s 31st birthday. There is a lot to appreciate and be thankful for and I can’t wait to get started!

Beautycounter Customer Appreciation Month

Beautycounter Customer Appreciation Month

This month will mark 16 months since I said ‘yes’ to Beautycounter as a consultant. April was my best month of 2017, so to thank all of my amazing clients, I decided to declare May to be Customer Appreciation Month!

I would like to say THANK YOU by buying your next cup of coffee.

Here’s how it will work:  With every Beautycounter purchase of $50 or less, you will receive a $5 Starbucks card on me! If you purchase $51-$100 you will receive a $10 gift card, and any purchase over $100 will receive a $15 gift card.

Treat yourself, treat a friend, or treat your mom for Mother’s Day! It’s because of all of you that this journey has been so rewarding thus far, so I wanted to say a big thank you for supporting my Beautycounter business, and for allowing me to share about it here on the blog. I am also doing customer spotlights this month on my Beautycounter Facebook page and it’s been so fun to hear from real women and real clients who aren’t trying to sell anything, but just really love the products!

Also, through May 11, Beautycounter is offering a free Lip Gloss ($29 value) with any purchase of $150 or more. This means you can receive both a $15 Starbucks gift card from me, and a free Lip Gloss from Beautycounter with your purchase. Such a great deal!

Beautycounter Lip Gloss

I am wearing Beautycounter’s Lip Gloss in Peony!

Green Thumb: How to Start an Herb Garden

How to Grow an Herb Garden

I know that I share a Lauren Conrad post literally every week, but I really do love her blog so much. I feel like the addressed topics are really relevant to women in their 20’s and 30’s, and I feel like I actually learn something from each article. A green thumb I am not, so I really liked this post about starting a simple herb garden. I would love to eventually have a really nice garden at our new home, but I feel as if growing a few herbs is a great place to start!


Big Brother Jack

Because I am still getting excited / emotional / overwhelmed at the thought of Jack becoming a big brother, I had to share this picture on Instagram <– follow me! yesterday in honor of ‘Throwback Thursday’ his Disney happiness, dimpled elbow and chunky cheeks are just too much to handle! We are busy soaking in every moment of Jack being an only child, while also anticipating with joy baby number two. ‘The days are long, but the years are short’ is the truest quote on motherhood I have ever heard!

Home Design Series

Shiplap Fireplace

This post is the inspiration for our fireplace! We are planning on doing stone up to the mantle, and then a shiplap topper. I LOVE this idea! I think the shiplap really warms up the stone, adds texture and an unexpected detail, and was a more budget friendly option than going all the way up in stone.

As I mentioned above, this month we are going to start getting into the nitty gritty details of designing our home. So far we have chosen the floor plan, square footage, and structure design, but haven’t gotten to choose many of the fluffier decisions yet. I am thinking about starting a sort of ‘Home Design Series’ here on the blog where I will share ideas, inspiration, and features of the design process. Is this something you would be interested in reading? I thought it would be a great way for me to organize my thoughts and favorite ideas, while also getting input or feedback from all of you. I think it’s so fun to choose design, and I thought many of you might be curious as well and would like to ‘join’ me along the way!

Watermelon Margaritas

Watermelon Margaritas

Although these drinks won’t be on my Cinco de Mayo menu, I cannot get over how adorable they are and how yummy the recipe sounds. Is this not the most perfect looking margarita to enjoy with a couple tacos or fajitas? I love too how the recipe is simple and uses whole ingredients like seeded watermelon, fresh limes, and of course tequila. Maybe I will get fancy and make a watermelon puree to add to my favorite mocktail recipe in place of the peach juice?!



Read more of Jack’s Updates here:

Jack's 18 Months Update

Jack turned 18 months on March 17, the same day we left for our Disney trip. We are currently in the midst of the ‘sponge’ stage, in which he is soaking in absolutely everything around him. There are days when he starts saying words that I didn’t even know he knew, and pointing out objects that he has just recently discovered. A few of his most used words, besides ‘mama’ and dada’ are bubbles, juice and dogs.

Jack's 18 Months Update

Jack is obsessed with being outdoors and the minute you ask if he wants to go outside, he races to the door. His favorite outdoor activities include the previous mentioned bubbles, swinging, going on walks and exploring at the park, kicking the soccer ball, watching birds, picking dandelions, and seeing all the ducks. I am so thankful that the boy still loves stroller walks! We usually go on an hour to an hour and a half walk about three days a week, and I let him out about halfway through to stretch his legs and plays. He then contently climbs back into the stroller and we finish the walk. I have found that since he was a baby, walks have been our prayer answered for consoling fussy babies and weary mamas, and this still rings true today! I know that simply getting us both outside gives us time to breathe and reconnect. I am very hopeful that baby number two loves walks as much as Jack does!

Jack's 18 Months Update

At his well-check appointment, he weighed 28 pounds and was 32 1/2 inches long. He has always been in the fiftieth percentile for height and weight, but this time he jumped into the seventy-fifth percentile for height, weight and head circumference. He is a pretty proportional kid!


He is still a big eater and for the most part, doesn’t make much of a fuss about anything you feed him. Breakfast is still traditionally fruit and oatmeal, eggs, or yogurt, lunch is macaroni and cheese with broccoli, or turkey and cheese or cottage cheese, or leftovers from dinner the night before. His afternoon snack is a green smoothie almost every day, and his dinner is whatever we are having.


Right around turning 18 months old, we shifted Jack to one nap a day (unless he acts like he needs a second). This transition happened pretty naturally as the start of naptime kept moving back from 10 to 11 to noon, etc. Now he usually goes down sometime between noon and one, and wakes up between three and four. Our bedtime routine is similar to how it was at 15 months. We always start the routine with 8 oz. whole milk, followed by teeth brushing, a dry diaper, a change into jammies, story time, prayer, hugs and kisses, then bed.


I have noticed a shift in the past few months from traditional toddler toys to an obsession with sports balls. He has a little basketball hoop that he loves to ‘dunk’ on, and we got him a soccer ball right before Easter. He has been kicking goals ever since! He also got a little plastic golf set and it’s so cute.

Jack's 18 Months Update

He like to carry his club and ball all over the living room. We go to the park a lot when little league games are taking place, or select soccer and he always wants to join in. He thinks he is a ‘big’ kid and never understands why he can’t just run out onto the field! He is also obsessed with reading and we can be known to go through 10-15 books a day. Some of his current favorites include the Llama Llama series, On the Night You Were Born, Nursery Rhymes, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Baseball ABC.


  • Reading
  • Playing Sports
  • Singing Nursery Rhymes
  • Tubby Time
  • Swinging
  • Walks
  • Eating ‘Cookies’ aka Annie’s Bunnies
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


  • Practicing Patience
  • Not Swinging Long Enough
  • Not Being Able to Participate in Soccer and Baseball Games

Jack's 18 Months Update

Jack’s 18 Months Must-Haves

Jack's 18 Months Must-Haves