Pregnancy #2: Weeks 28-32

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July 4 Weekend

32 Weeks Along!

When we last left off, I was needing to take the glucose test before my next appointment. The good news is that I passed the first time so I was able to skip the four hour re-test that I had to take with Jack. I stuck to only water and skipped all coffee, caffeine and food before just to be on the safe side, and it seemed to do the trick!

I also had my 33 week appointment and everything looked great. Baby’s heartbeat is still about 132, blood pressure is good, I am measuring right on target, and I’m up about 17 pounds.

How have I been feeling…

I have overall been feeling pretty good! I definitely have my days though, usually once or twice a week, when I just feel so run down and know I need to create time to rest. This entire pregnancy has pretty much been a game of swapping out work and naps. One day I will nap during Jack’s nap, and then the next day I will work on blogging, and the next day I will do Beautycounter. I am learning to just be patient with myself and realize there will be plenty of time to go-go-go down the road. Right now it is a good season to rest.


  • Fatigue (Continues!)
  • Insomnia (Continues!)
  • Lightheaded and occasional leg tingling (After talking with my doctor, we think this has to do with my sciatic nerve.)
  • Heartburn and indigestion, usually at night when I lay down for bed

30 Weeks

30 Weeks!


I wouldn’t say I have many cravings right now, but I definitely want an ice cream every now-and-then, and I’m obsessed with real, full-fat delicious butter. <– Interesting, I know! We did a lot of grilling out over July 4th and I loved all of that food. I would definitely say that hearty meals are my favorites, like burgers and steak, over more snack foods. Chips still have my heart though! Specifically Kettle brand Salt and Vinegar, and I recently bought the Salt and Pepper flavor that is delicious too!


Not really any aversions, although I am trying to be conscientious of what gives me indigestion at the end of the day. I am trying to take it easy on things like marinara sauce, anything fried, and foods that are too spicy, just because I know it won’t be worth it later!


Now that we’re in July, it feels so strange to say that my baby is due next month! I feel like I still have a ton to do, but I am definitely not feeling the pressure to have it all together like I did with my first baby. Our house won’t even be completed until after the first of the year, so although I’ve picked out her bedding, I haven’t made any purchases as of yet. It’s also reassuring as a second time mom to have an idea of what you really need and don’t need when it comes to a newborn. My registry is minimal consists way more of needs than of wants like it did before. And although we are having a girl, she will definitely be sporting quite a few blue baby items! Her bathtub will still be blue, many of the swaddles I’ll use will have boyish patterns, and I’ll be digging out a few clothes from Jack’s bins including his Ohio State and Denver Broncos pieces for football season. Simply add a bow – and voila! I will definitely get her a few things of her own, but I am also looking forward to using some of the same things this time around as well. There are so many good memories paired with those items and I’m looking forward to creating more with baby girl!

We will be on a family vacation later this month, and I am also busy wrapping up work both at home and in the office before maternity leave begins. I am not sure how posting will go once the baby is born – and I also don’t know how much time I will have to prep posts ahead of time – so I hope that you’ll bare with me as I pop up sporadically in the beginning weeks.

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July 4th Weekend

Hey, hey friends! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and are recovering from the holiday last week. I spent the past couple days completely unplugged from all things social media… and it was glorious! And, if I’m being perfectly honest, much needed.

Since my job pretty much revolves around social media and being connected, it can be really difficult to step away and basically create business hours. I have no problem with logging-in to post or check messages, but once said viewing falls into the mindless surfing category – or once the results of a post dictate my feelings at the moment – I need to know when to say no!

I’ve been toying with the idea of setting true social media viewing and planning hours for awhile, and I think I’ve finally hit that point of making it a priority. I absolutely don’t want my babies to constantly see their mama with a phone in her hand (although I can’t help wanting to take pictures of my kids!)! I think social media is an incredible, powerful tool that keeps you connected, linked in with community groups (I adore my fellow mommy, blogging, and Beautycounter friends!), and at the forefront of current events. I truly love posting and sharing my life with others, but only if I treat it as what it is: a social tool. It doesn’t matter how many likes I get or how many views I receive, and once I start focusing on that aspect, I have to reevaluate my thoughts and priorities. It’s maybe difficult yet always refreshing to see a change you would like to make – and putting it into action. I am a constant work in progress and have absolutely zero problem admitting that! 🙂

On another note, I wanted to pop in to share photos from our July 4th weekend! Tim was off both Monday and Tuesday, so we were able to have a four day weekend together as a family. We didn’t have a lot of crazy plans, but we did spend a lot of time resting and being outside. It felt like such a nice mid-summer break! I propose that every 4th falls on a Tuesday, and that all businesses are closed both Monday and Tuesday to celebrate. Any other takers?!

Our Independence Day weekend celebration was pretty traditional. We grilled out almost every night, we made Jack his own little water park with an inflatable pool and sprinkler, we ate ice cream, went on walks to the park, did a little shopping, and wore our red, white and blue. To summarize, it was a wonderful staycation with my loves!

July 4 Weekend

July 4 Weekend

July 4 Weekend

July 4 Weekend

July 4 Weekend

July 4 Weekend

And just for fun, look at my baby last year on his first July 4th last year! So so precious!!

Jack's First Fourth of July


From Maternity to Postpartum

When I purchase maternity clothes, I actually put a lot of thought into whether I could wear it postpartum as well.

Pink Blush Maternity KimonoAs most new moms can relate, my belly isn’t immediately flat after leaving the hospital, and it’s important to have comfy and cute clothes to wear once you get home. Even after having the baby, there is still a lot of swelling – much more than I had expected. The thought of putting on non-maternity pants right after delivery sounds awful!

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono

Plus, I have c-sections with my babies, so I require elastic and stretch – especially around my incision area. I love leggings that stretch up over my belly for additional pressure and support. It feels so nice during recovery!

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono

So when I was choosing another piece from Pink Blush Maternity, I knew I wanted something that could transition well from Maternity to Postpartum. When I spotted this lightweight maternity kimono, I thought it would be a great piece for both stages. Right now it is nice to pair over a simple maternity dress, and this fall I can pair it will a nursing cami and leggings after delivery.

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono

The kimono is really soft and huge – feels like your wearing a blanket – yet makes an outfit look complete. It’s the perfect finishing touch! I wore the kimono to  brunch over a maternity dress from Gap, and paired it with lace-up gladiator sandals that I purchased from Target last spring.

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono