FriYAY Week 8

Hello friends! Is anyone still there?!

This blog has been sitting pretty silent for the past month and a half, but I plan on getting back into posting regularly soon. Thank you to everyone who has stuck it out with me during my blog hiatus and is still reading this post! I will have more to share soon about what’s been going on in life, but for now I thought I would hop back in with a post highlighting some of my favorites of the week.

Proverbs 31 - Faith

I ran across this image from Proverbs 31 Ministries a few months back, and have had it saved to my phone ever since. It’s such a great reminder as I spend a lot of time on social media for both personal and professional reasons. There are times when my self-worth can fall upon the affirmations of others – and that’s not okay! It is days like those when I take time away to focus on life’s joys and my own thankfulness, while remembering who we truly live to please and praise. I feel like this advice is great for all areas of life though and not just social media: whether at work, at school, with friends, etc. It’s definitely a thought we can all take to heart!

Janie & Jack - Mama and Jack

Baby pic for sweetness! We are beginning to transition into the spring months, and friends, it’s not a moment to soon! Jack’s winter clothes are starting to get pretty snug and short, but I don’t want to purchase any more sweaters and pants for him with the cold months coming to an end. Gap had a 40% off sale this week so I took advantage of it by stocking up on a few new spring / summer outfits for Jack. A few of the items I loved were already sold out (How?!), but I was still able to pick up some cute and comfy pieces. Now all we need is some warm weather and sunshine to go with the t-shirts and shorts!

No Peeking - Beautycounter New Products

On March 7, Beautycounter will be releasing NINE new products and I am so excited about it! These products will make great, spa-like additions to your basic skincare routine. They act as the perfect accompaniment to our Essential Nourishing Line and our Countertime Rejuvenating Line! (Those products are available as a Collection set, or as individual products.) I can’t say much more on the new offerings at this time, but I am looking forward to sharing more about them in the near future.

Present Over Perfect

Present Over Perfect has been on my must-read list for awhile, but I have never gotten around to reading it! I am a library girl through-and-through, and finally after months of waiting it was my turn to borrow the book. However, since it is so popular I only had a few weeks to borrow it and couldn’t renew it. Sadly, I didn’t even open it before I had to return it! I was telling my mom about this earlier in the week and she surprised me with the book Wednesday when we met for lunch. I just started reading it last night, and I am looking forward to reading more over the next few weeks.

Egg Sandwich - Breakfast

I used to make microwave eggs for my breakfast sandwiches all the time, but for some reason I’ve forgotten about them! I started making them again earlier this week and can’t get enough. Simply spray a shallow round container with cooking spray, then whisk one egg with a little water. Microwave for 45 seconds, lift egg with a fork to check for doneness, then microwave for another 12-15 seconds. Season with salt and pepper and place on a toasted English muffin or bagel. This sandwich was topped with a slice of ham and sharp cheddar, but I have also used avocado, provolone, and Canadian bacon. So good and super easy! This entire sandwich took me about three minutes to prepare, I toasted the muffin while I cooked the egg, and it’s perfect for enjoying at home or on-the-go!

You Tell Me:

  • Have you ever read Present Over Perfect? What did you think?
  • Favorite quick breakfast meal… and go!

Have a great weekend everyone!


A Little Break!

Good morning everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little MIA here on the blog during these past few weeks. There is honestly a lot going on in life right now – that I will be sharing about soon! – but I needed to take a step back from some of my extra projects to stay focused at home. I have always found that my blogging goes in stages. Sometimes I literally can’t type posts fast enough to keep up with all the thoughts in my head, and other times I find myself staring at a blank page on my computer trying to decide where to even begin! Writing can definitely be a fickle job / hobby. Sometimes you’re creative and sometimes, well, you’re just not!

I will be back soon to share some things from life lately, but for now, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@jana.antil) where I pop in every so often to share a snapshot from the day. In case you’ve missed it, here are a few things I’ve been up to this month:

Valentine's Day 2017

I’ve been enjoying my beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers!

Exploring with Jack Bear

I’ve been doing a little after-dinner exploring with my Jack Bear!

Fashion - Madewell, Old Navy

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and putting my layers and boots aside to wear cute flats and simple button ups.

Jack Timothy - 16 Months Old

Jack turned 17 months old on Feb. 17, which means he will be 18 months old next month! Time is flying and I am doing my best to soak in these sweet days!

Chili Bowl

I also shared on Instagram some of Jack’s baby eats. He enjoyed this whole bowl of chili for dinner last week! I’ve found that if Tim and I are eating something, Jack is much more likely to eat it too. And if all else fails, sometimes just a sprinkle or two of grated cheese can make a world of difference!

Jack and Tim

With all the fun we’ve been having, our whole family has also been under the weather a time or two through the past month. It’s been stressful to all be sick, but it also caused us to slow down a bit, rest, and enjoy the time at home. Thankfully I think we are all starting to now be on the mend!

I’ll (fingers crossed!) be back to regular posting a couple times a week again soon. Until then – I hope everyone is staying healthy and that the weather is extra warm and sunny your way!


Happiness Delivered in January

January can get a little gloomy. Let’s face it, between the shortened daylight and the cold weather, we could all use a little pick-me-up during the winter months. When POPSUGAR reached out to me about receiving a Must Have Box for this month, I immediately responded with a yes!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2017

Here’s how the Must Have Box works:

  • Pick a plan Select from the subscription plans below
  • Discover Unwrap your box of full-size surprises.
  • Love Share your new favorite must haves with your friends!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2017

This is the second Must Have Box that I’ve received, and in my experience, you truly never know what’s going to show up at your doorstep. You will also of course, have your favorites within each box. A few of my favorite products from the Must Have Box included:

May Designs 2017 Desk Calendar & Notecard

May Designs 2017 Desk Calendar and Notecard

Not only is the calendar colorful and filled with hand-painted floral patterns, but it also does double duty. When the month is done, just flip over the page, cut along the dotted line, and the page will turn into a nice note to write and give to a special someone. I loved this idea in place of just tossing the month’s page away. The designs are too pretty to not reuse!

Mandukja eQua Mat Towel in Playa

Manduka eQua Mat Towel

Hot yoga is one of my favorite workouts, but I don’t hit the mat near as often as I would like. After receiving this yoga mat towel in the Must Have Box, it has me itching to get back into some yoga classes! The mat is great for providing the extra non-slip grip we all wish we while practicing. Especially during a hot class or vinyasa when the flow moves fast and the mat can get slippery, making it hard to hold poses.

Sourcebooks, Inc. Instant Happy Notes

Sourcebooks, Inc. Instant Happy Notes POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2017

As soon as I started flipping through this little book, I was smitten! Written on the pages of the book are compliments, thoughtful coupons, words of encouragement, and fun sayings. These are perfect if you have kids at home and want to stick one in their lunch box, or include one in their notebook the day of a big test. I think these would also be perfect for including in snail mail to friends, or to encourage your husband before a day at work by sticking a note in his car or on the mirror in the bathroom. This is a simple, easy way to make those around you know just how much you care. It’s the little things my friends!

POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try. All opinions are my own! Must Have Boxes are available to order here for $39.95 per month, shipping included. If you would like to order your own, use code SHOP5 to save $5 off your first Must Have Box. This box in January was estimated to be worth more than $190. I think too that the contents in the box would be wonderful for gifting! Since you get so many great products each month, it may be fun to surprise your mom, sister or a girlfriend with a product that you feel they would love. I personally felt a little overwhelmed to receive so many things at month, so this would enable me to share the goods and the fun with others!