Pregnancy #2: Weeks 33-37

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Here we are friends! We’ve made it to the final weeks of my pregnancy, and I am certainly starting to feel like it. My hips are sore, my legs are tired, and if I could be in the a/c at all times I would be one happy woman!

PinkBlush Blue Floral Lace Trim Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe

I realize though that tucked safely away from any and all of life’s challenges, disappointments, and obstacles is my sweet daughter. I have honestly felt a little anxious ever since I found out I was having a girl, as I just now think I’ve got a handle on the whole ‘boy mom’ thing. Having a girl just feels so huge. I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to be a perfect role model for her – to say the right thing and do the right thing – to help her to grow into a strong, confident and self-loving person. I think because I remember so many of those emotions and obstacles that come along with growing up female that I worry more about her more than I have with Jack. Fair? Maybe not, and of course I worry about my son as well, but maybe not entirely in the same way. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in prayer about this and asking God to simply be my actions and say my words as a mother. I am trying to remember that God chose me to be these two littles’ mom, and if he trusts me to raise and love them, then I need to trust myself as well.

At the same time that I feel anxious though, I also feel overwhelmingly blessed to be given this gift and to right now be able to protect her, as I know I won’t be able to protect her forever. Today I provide her food, her oxygen, and act as her home and safe haven. I pray she always feels at ‘home’ when she’s with her mama. I hope to be her safe place, her support system, and encourager throughout her whole life.

My girl is growing and thriving, and I’m so nervous and excited to meet her and kiss her beautiful face! I remember feeling this same way with Jack too, and now it’s as if I never didn’t know him and his precious heart. Obviously these last weeks of pregnancy have me feeling all the emotions, but its also such an exciting time as we wait to welcome another sweet baby to our family.

How have I been feeling…

PinkBlush Blue Floral Lace Trim Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe

Ever since about Week 34 I’ve been feeling much slower than expected. I have a lot of pressure resting on my incision scar from my c-section with Jack, and that pain has kept me from doing as much walking and activity as I would have liked. I stayed pretty darn active with Jack all the way up until delivery, but this time around I’ve had to give myself a little more grace and to recognize that it’s okay to slow down here in the final days. I have also still been experiencing a lot of indigestion and heartburn at night, so I’ve been trying to watch my portion sizes, especially at the end of the day. I also have a lot of issues with sleeping right now. My sleep insomnia is off the charts, and I chalk that up to being up with Jack still some nights and with not being able to do as much activity during the day as workouts always seem to help me sleep better.


  • Pressure on my c-section incision scar, sore hips
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Heartburn and indigestion, was mostly at night when I lay down for bed, but now it is throughout a lot of the day
  • Getting harder to walk
  • Stretching and tightness of abdomen


Not many cravings at the moment! Little things like ice water with lemon, the occasional diet soda (whoops!), and Dashing Dish protein shakes are high on the list. Obviously I am leaning toward more of a liquid craving right now! I also still really like all things potatoes!


Not really any aversions, but trying to watch my portion sizes so that I don’t have so much indigestion.


In August I’ve had a lot on the schedule, so I the weeks have flown. I also have my c-section on the books, so I know when she’ll be arriving as long as everything goes as planned. The next few weeks I plan on getting the last few items I need for her, washing all of our clothes, and doing a little nesting. I don’t think I am full-blown nesting right now because we don’t have a home finished! I am saving most of her nursery purchasing until we move in after the first of the year. I hope to do one more pregnancy update before she arrives, so look for the overview of Weeks 38-40 to come soon!

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Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand I shop from and love. All opinions are my own.

During the weeks leading up to Jack’s birth, I remember feeling the need to ‘nest’ like crazy. I had his room perfectly together. I had all of the items needed on a newborn checklist complete, and I felt as prepared as I could to welcome Jack entire family.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Fast forward to baby number two and I’ve learned that having it all together on paper isn’t the end-all-be-all of parenting. This time around I feel much less pressure to have everything purchased and planned. I know that newborns don’t need everything on a baby registry checklist and I know that some items are truly more important than others.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

The one major difference this time around is that we are currently building our house and I don’t have a nursery put together for baby girl. A part of me is sad about this because it’s so fun to decorate a nursery and have it look put together for baby’s arrival. However, I don’t see how purchasing all of her furniture and bedding before we move into the house is such a great idea since I will just need to store it. I’m trying to remind myself how exciting it will be once the new house is done and I can focus on putting her room together, especially since the first four months or so anyways she’ll sleep in the bassinet in our bedroom just like Jack did.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Besides having a nursery, there are a few items that I highly recommend you purchase for the early days with a new baby. Every mother seems to have their favorite items and I certainly found my favorite during those first weeks with Jack. When I started thinking about what I really need to buy before she’s born, I took a good look at the baby registry at buybuy BABY and then pulled out the items that I remember being really happy I had with Jack. A couple of those items included a swing and a Boppy pillow for nursing, and since I already had both of those items, I started to focus on smaller yet still useful things. A big ticket item that I obviously needed was a car seat, which I got at my baby Sprinkle, and then a second big ticket item we needed was a double stroller. After a lot of research, we finally narrowed it down to the Baby Jogger City Select. I like that Jack will have his own little seat in the front, and that I’ll be able to take our newborn car seat straight from the car and attach it to the stroller. This was a big must for me, especially since she’ll be so little during the winter months. The last thing I want to do is to take her out of her car seat and place her in a bassinet or another kind of stroller seat in the middle of winter.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

When it comes to the little things that she needs, I really put thought into what I used for Jack during those early day. One of those items included mittens, which seem simple but were actually lifesavers since Jack scratched his face like crazy. During his first night of sleep, he woke up the next morning with a clawed face. It was so sad! I put socks on his hands, but this time around we did buy a few pairs of mittens.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Another one of those must-haves was a newborn pacifier. A lot of people say not to give babies pacifiers while they’re learning to breastfeed or use a bottle. However, that first night of Jack crying and being so upset had me giving him a pacifier from night one. I know every baby is different, but let me just say that my baby never had an issue. He loved his paci and he used it till he was about six or seven months old. Once he started getting teeth, he just kind of gave it up on his own. He also never had a hard time switching between a bottle and nursing. I know it depends on the baby, but for us, giving him the pacifier really provided that soothing action he needed to put himself to sleep. Jack loved the Nuk silicone pacifiers, but I couldn’t find any of these this time around. I decided to try the Joovy SilliNoogle Pacifiers instead. I went with a classic clear, and the other kind gently glows-in-the-dark, which should make finding missing pacifiers during the night easier.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Swaddles are another important item to have. I love thin muslin swaddles for cuddling up in between bedtime, as a blanket for warmer days, a nursing cover, and even as a bath towel.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

I swear by the HALO Sleepsack for bedtime. Once again, every baby is different and she might not love this swaddle or any swaddles at all, but Jack loved his halo swaddle and used it from the time he was a newborn until he outgrew it. We started with arms in and then moved to arms out. It always helped him to sleep so much better when he was wrapped up like a little baby burrito.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Another super basic basic baby must-have are white onesies. I love these for under pajamas and under outfits. They also help if there are any baby blowouts to protect the outfit a little bit. You can easily change out the onesie and also keep their little chest warm under their clothes.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Obviously sweet little footie pajamas are needed basics. I firmly believe that newborns don’t need a ton of fancy outfits. In those early days, 99% of the time they’re in their jammies! Having really comfy pajama when they’re little – with a little hat to cover their precious head and ears – is so important.

buybuy Baby Final Preparations for Baby: Newborn Essentials

Another must-have are bibs for spitting up. Bibs are not just for catching food! A lot of times when your first breastfeeding a baby and they’re learning how much to drink, they can over eat and spit up so it’s important to have a clean bib so you’re not constantly changing outfits and so they don’t smell like spoiled milk. I liked these white organic muslin bibs because they can go with all different outfits, plus they’re super cozy, not itchy and they should be simple to wash. When bibs have embroidery or stitching, they can need a little too much care. It’s nice to have a couple of those available for when you’re out, but when you’re home, having easy-to-clean bibs are important.

So there are my newborn must-haves! Tell me – what are your favorite items for the first days with a newborn? Anything I’m missing from the list?!


My 5-Minute Face

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you’ve seen my posts on the 5-Minute Face, Beautycounter’s newest launch that includes a bundle of six makeup products for creating a quick, easy and everyday look.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face

The 5-Minute Face includes six safer, high-performance products. I like to refer to these products as are most basic makeup offerings. Ordering the 5-Minute Face bundle is a great way to begin the transition to safer products and ingredients by replacing what you may already have or what you’re close to finishing. The 5-Minute Face is also a cost saver at $148 (if you were to purchase all six products separately, it would cost $194). ** Updated 08/18, if you order through the end of the day Sunday August 20, you’ll also receive a free Retractable Foundation Brush for applying the foundation (a $35 value).

Here is my current version of the 5-Minute Face: Tint Skin in Linen, Concealer Pen in Fair, Eyebrow Pencil in Medium, Mascara in Lengthening, Blush Duo in Flamingo/Apricot, and Lip Gloss in Bare Shimmer.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face

Here’s how the 5-Minute Face works:

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Tint Skin, Concealer, Foundation Brush

Step 1: Choose Your Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation

Tint Skin is a liquid foundation that is lightweight and blends evenly (even better when applied with the Retractable Foundation Brush). There are eight shades to choose from, and if you need help color matching, let me know!

Step 2: Choose Your Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

Our concealer comes as a click-pen applicator that hides dark circles circles, blemishes and redness. Choose from five shades. PS – I love using Fair, which is our lightest concealer. It brightens everything up and I apply it as a highlighter as well.

Step 3: Choose Your Color Define Brow Pencil

Define your brows by using the comb to brush up and out, fill in any sparse spots with the pencil, and then blend again with the comb for a natural look. Choose Light, Medium or Dark. PS – I use Medium.

Step 4: Choose Your Mascara

Along with the 5-Minute Face, Beautycounter introduced two new mascaras on Tuesday. The Lengthening Mascara is our original mascara offering, reformulated to remove easier and stay-put all day. The Volumizing Mascara uses an hourglass shaped wand for creating dramatic lashes. Choose Lengthening or Volumizing.

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

Step 5: Choose Your Powder Blush Duo

Add a little warmth to your look with a Blush Duo. Choose between Bloom/Tulip (our lightest pinks), Flamingo/Apricot (for a bolder pink), or Tawny/Whisper (a sort of peach blush/sun-kissed bronzer duo).

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

Step 6: Choose Your Lip Gloss

Finally, put the finishing touch on your look with a lip gloss! Right now my current favorites are Bare Shimmer and Peony, and if you are looking for a shade for fall, Fig is an obvious choice!

Beautycounter's 5-Minute Face - Powder Blush Duo and Lip Gloss

As you go through the steps and choose your shades, Beautycounter will automatically suggest shades and colors that would work well with your skin tone and the look you’re creating with the selections. I shared my own rendition of the 5-Minute Face yesterday morning on my personal Beautycounter Facebook Page. I had a doctor’s appointment late morning, so I decided to get ready with all of you! Feel free to head over and watch the video and like my page. I share a lot of tutorials, giveaways, health and wellness happenings and Beautycounter offerings / promotions.

If you have any questions on the products, feel free to email me at jana.antil@gmail.com, or leave a comment below. I would be happy to help you find the best selections for your own 5-Minute Face!

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